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What Floor Offers the Best Slip Resistance for a New Orleans Kitchen?

Concrete Kitchen Floor with Slip Resistance

Concrete Kitchen Floor with Slip Resistance

In many instances, there is no need for a floor that provides slip resistance in New Orleans. However, spills are common in kitchens. For that reason, it is important to consider ways to prevent accidental falls and slips. Every year, many people sustain injuries from falling or slipping on water, ice, food, grease, and other substances. To prevent this, a kitchen floor should be slip resistant.

There are two flooring systems considered the best for offering slip resistance in New Orleans kitchens. The first is decorative concrete overlays, and the second is epoxy. With decorative concrete overlays, the coefficient of friction is increased. To accomplish this, the concrete is textured prior to applying the overlay, or a gritty type of material is added to the concrete mix. Not only is the floor safer to walk on, but when choosing something like SunStone, Classic Texture, or SunStamp, the overall aesthetic is never compromised.

Epoxy is the other option worth consideration. While some people worry that a slip-resistant epoxy floor in a New Orleans kitchen will look too industrial, this is not the case. This particular flooring system is naturally slip resistant, as well as low odor, strong, durable, and long lasting. To complement any kitchen design, the installer can add colored metallic flakes to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look.

Regardless of which flooring system that you prefer best, there are many exciting options for color, texture, pattern, and even materials that offer slip-resistant qualities. Especially for families with children and in larger commercial restaurants, the risk for spills increases. However, with the right flooring system, this potential risk diminishes significantly.

You want a floor that offers slip resistance but also enhances the appearance of your New Orleans kitchen. Ultimately, the kitchen will be a more enjoyable and safer place for people to cook, congregate, and walk.

Use Decorative Concrete in Baton Rouge When Turning Your Basement into a Family Game Room

Many of today’s families are returning to old values of spending quality time together. Because of this, empty basements are being turned into family game rooms where everyone has a great time. Regardless if the basement is large or small, it is important to have a good foundation on which to build the entire experience. Decorative concrete in Baton Rouge homes is a great place to start.

Family game room floor using Sundek Products

Stained Concrete Floor using Sundek Products

Regardless if you want more of a home theater setting, something that includes arcade games, a pool table, a ping-pong table, or an open space for board games and other fun, decorative concrete allows you to create the perfect family room in your Baton Rouge home.

The great thing about decorative concrete is that you have so many incredible options. For instance, stamped concrete transforms an ordinary concrete floor into something extraordinary. Using the SunStamp system, a skilled Sundek of New Orleans contractor can create a floor that looks just like brick, natural stone, hardwood, and more. With so many possibilities, you will have no problem making your basement a place where your family loves spending time.

Another great option for decorative concrete in Baton Rouge basements is stained concrete. This flooring system is downright beautiful with a high-gloss finish that can be colored and scored  based on your specifications. You might also consider microtoppings, such as SunCanvas. If you prefer a family room with a little more artistic flair, this is the ideal choice.

Of course, you have many other excellent options for transforming your basement into a fun-filled family room. For instance, if you like the look of real stone, SunStone is an architectural limestone coating that is gorgeous yet practical. This flooring system is easy to clean, strong, and long lasting, great if you have a lot of children. The look is so authentic that no one will be able to tell the difference.

Epoxy Coatings in Slidell Senior Living Communities Offer Numerous Benefits

Most people who hear the term “epoxy coatings” immediately think of garages. While this is a primary application, there are many others. For example, there are tremendous advantages in using epoxy coatings in Slidell nursing homes. Not only does this type of flooring look nice, its use is practical.

Sundek Epoxy Flooring

Sundek Epoxy Flooring

For many workers in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, one of the biggest challenges has to do with cleanliness. In addition to being under a microscope by local and state authorities, workers want to provide residents with a nice place to call home. By using epoxy coatings in Slidell nursing homes, there is little cleaning and maintenance involved. Cleaning typically consists of dusting and mopping. Because this type of coating is nonporous, maintenance is almost nonexistent.

Another reason for choosing epoxy coatings in Slidell nursing homes is durability. In these types of facilities, residents, workers, and visitors mill about throughout the day. In addition, many residents use canes, walkers, and wheelchairs that would cause significant damage to other types of flooring. With epoxy, the floor is highly resistant to wear and tear, and it lasts longer.

Strength is also a benefit of using epoxy coatings. The epoxy material serves as a sealant for concrete floors. The epoxy is converted into a solid polymer, which makes it extremely strong and prevents chemical breakdown. For that reason, this type of flooring system will take a beating yet continue providing a safe and comfortable walking surface.

Another consideration in using epoxy coatings in Slidell nursing homes is that the applicator or contractor can add color flakes to enhance the aesthetics. This naturally brightens the nursing home to give residents a homier and more enjoyable place to live. Sundek of New Orleans has two incredible products, SunEpoxy 54, a thin mil flooring system and SunEpoxy 100, which is a heavy-duty coating. Both systems can be used with color flakes.

Among the many reasons for choosing epoxy coatings in Slidell nursing homes, safety is always at the top of the list. This type of flooring system is resistant to spills, impact, chemicals, temperature, and slippage. In fact, epoxy coatings are formulated to resist even fire. Overall, workers and residents have the opportunity to live in a safer community.

Epoxy coatings are also environmentally friendly. Today, a large number of people are involved in the green movement in an effort to make the planet healthier. This is just one more reason why epoxy flooring in Slidell nursing homes, as well as homes and other businesses, makes perfect sense.

Staying on Top of Pool Deck Repair at Your Baton Rouge Apartment Complex

Pool Deck Repair with Sundek

Pool Deck Repair with Sundek

Keeping a pool deck in top condition for a private home sometimes involves challenges, but when the pool deck is for an apartment complex, those challenges are often multiplied. Unlike a private home, numerous people frequent the area around an apartment complex swimming pool. This increases the risk of damage.

However, the need for pool deck repair can be the result of things beyond excessive use. For instance, the reinforcing steel in a pool deck may erode. Typically, concrete prevents rust because it is alkaline, but if chloride ions are present, the passivating layer of the alkalinity surrounding the steel corrodes.

Damage can also occur due to freeze/thaw disintegration. With concrete being a porous material, if water seeps in and freezes, small areas of the concrete’s surface flake off. An alkali-aggregate reaction is another possible reason for a concrete pool deck to deteriorate. In this case, once gel that forms around the aggregate particle becomes wet, it expands and causes serious damage to the concrete.

Regardless of why you need a pool deck repair, it is important to have the work done by a professional contractor who uses only high-quality products. Especially since the pool deck is intended to provide residents of the apartment complex a place of relaxation and fun, you want repairs done quickly and correctly.

Sundek of New Orleans offers the best pool deck products on the market. Whether repairing or preventing damage, we offer a variety of solutions for pool decks. For example, your contractor can use SunCanvas, which is a gorgeous and protective microtopping.

Having a beautiful pool deck for residents and guests is a good representation of the apartment complex. Because the pool is an important amenity, this will encourage people to stay.

Preventing Accidents by Increasing Slip Resistance on Your Industrial Floors

Especially for industrial floors, you want to take every precaution to prevent accidents from happening. There is a lot of movement in plants, warehouses, factories, airplane hangars, distribution centers, service bays, and maintenance facilities. With people moving about all day performing various duties, it is essential for the floors to offer slip resistance.sundek specialty coatings washington

Unless the industrial floors have a slip resistant quality, you are putting the company at risk for an insurance claim or lawsuit. In addition, an injured employee has a direct impact on production, which could cost business and revenue.

The fact is that industrial floors take a beating from not only heavy foot traffic but also vehicular equipment, chemicals, and heavy machinery. Because of that, you need a high-quality epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Although you have different options when looking at industrial floors, one in particular stands out as being an exceptional solution. Offered by Sundek of New Orleans, the SunEpoxy thin mil epoxy floor is ideal. Not only is this floor extremely durable, making it the perfect choice for an industrial environment, it is nonslip.

Your contractor will install the flooring with a brush or roller that produces a seamless appearance. By adding a second coat once the first coat is thoroughly dry, slip resistance increases. The result is an attractive floor with enhanced safety.

In addition to straightforward installation, epoxy floors have low odor and are made with low levels of volatile organics. For wet areas, texture is added to customize the industrial floor for maximum slip resistance. This also bolsters the floor’s ability to withstand various elements, including chemicals, water, and oils.

Although your main priority is industrial flooring that offers slip resistance, your contractor can add other Sundek products to enhance the aesthetics. For example, SunFlek is an impressive flooring system available in numerous colors. When added to thin mil epoxy floors, the overall appearance changes.

Sundek has another product called SunChip, which can be added to thin mil epoxy floors to create customized colors and patterns. Included in this product are multicolored vinyl acrylic paint chips that range in size from 1/8 inches to 3/4 inches. SunChips also come in different colors. Ultimately, your industrial floors will have a higher degree of slip resistance while making the work environment more appealing.