5 Key Benefits of Acrylic Coatings for Outdoor Applications

Acrylic Coatings in cement overlays

Acrylic Coatings in cement overlays

Whether interested in a new driveway, walkway, patio, front porch, pool deck, or some other outdoor surface, acrylic coatings make an excellent choice. In fact, five specific benefits stand out, which are why so many home and business owners go this route as a way of transforming both the appearance and function of an existing concrete surface.


  1. Environmentally Strong – Perhaps one of the best reasons for choosing acrylic coatings is that a top-of-the-line product has a formula made specifically for outdoor applications. That means this finish can handle variations in temperature, climate, and humidity, allowing your newly transformed surface to last for many years maintaining its integrity.


  1. Aggregates – Also, you can choose from a broad range of aggregates to have added to the coating. Instead of an ordinary driveway, walkway, or some other surface, this is an excellent way to make your home or business stand out. Depending on the look you want to achieve, the installer can broadcast a slight or dense amount. As a bonus, aggregates make the surface slip-resistance.


  1. Easy Maintenance – Instead of spending a lot of time trying to keep the surface in pristine condition, all you need to do is spray the area down with a garden hose. Remember, acrylic coatings resist environmental pollutants, salts, stains, and weather, leaving you with little upkeep.


  1. Versatility – Along with the more common outdoor applications, you can have acrylic coatings applied to many additional surfaces such as retaining walls, roadside curbs, balconies, and more.


  1. Application – Another thing to note is that a professional can install acrylic coatings on a variety of surfaces, including textured, bare, and those with a decorative concrete overlay.


With so many possibilities using acrylic coatings, you can go to town transforming almost anything you want outside of your home or business. For homeowners, this is an excellent way to enhance curb appeal and increase the value of the property. For business owners, these beautiful new finishes can serve as part of your overall marketing strategy.