5 Latest Trends in Backyard Pool Deck Coatings

Whether you are having a new swimming pool installed or are interested in giving an existing pool a facelift, you have many options for customizing your pool deck. With the right pool deck coatings, your Baton Rouge backyard will quickly become your favorite place to spend time with family members and friends.

Decorative Overlay

Specific to pool deck coatings in Baton Rouge, there is only one reliable source: Sundek of New Orleans. In addition to years of experience in the business and solid expertise, we offer a number of innovative product options. You can expect beautiful aesthetics with the right coatings as well as a layer of protection that extends the life of the pool deck concrete.

Using a decorative overlay on your pool deck, the appearance and functionality of your backyard will completely transform. Ultimately, you end up with a slip-resistant and easy-to-maintain pool deck that is comfortable to walk on. You can choose from a wide variety of textures and colors from Sundek to complement your home. For ideas, check out these five trends:

Convict Hill (Classic)Classic Texture – As the original acrylic spray concrete texture overlay, this classic solution creates a sophisticated look and feel. For virtually any surrounding or décor around the pool, this solution is exceptional.

conv.2005 pic's 1 035SunStone – For pool deck coatings in Baton Rouge, this architectural limestone coating looks stunning.

SunStamp – With stamped concrete, the contractor achieves a number of textures to include the look of natural slate, brick, cobblestone, limestone, and more.

2012-12-17 10.45.17SunCanvas – Using this micro-topping, the contractor creates beautiful artistic designs. With this option, you can create a design on your own or work with a Sundek of New Orleans contractor to choose the right design for your pool deck.

100_0456SunSplash – Baton Rouge pool decks with this coating look amazing. Because this acrylic spray-on texture is so versatile, the possibilities are nearly limitless.