Adding a Game Room to Your Baton Rouge Home? Check Out Vertical Decorative Concrete Options

Vertical decorative concrete
Vertical decorative concrete

AAfter much debate, you decided to add a game room to your Baton Rouge home. Why not, considering you now have teenagers with friends who visit often and adults who also enjoy gaming. However, you don’t want just any ordinary room, leading you to the many possibilities using vertical decorative concrete.

Along with transforming the look and function of your floors, you want to do something unique to the fireplace surrounds, walls, and even the front part of the wet bar. Fortunately, you have several incredible options. As vertical decorative concrete becomes increasingly more popular, you’ll discover some solutions you might not have even considered.

For a fantastic game room in your Baton Rouge home, you might start by looking at all the benefits offered by a product like SunStone. This architectural limestone coating looks so much like genuine stone that no one will know the difference. Hand-troweled by an artisan, you can have almost any design created. For instance, you could have larger “stones” applied to the floor in front of the fireplace and then cover the surrounds with smaller cobblestones.

For this and other vertical decorative concrete solutions, you can select from a broad range of colors. If you prefer a more natural look, the artisan could mix in different hues of stones typically found in nature. Using your creativity, online inspiration, or suggestions by the installer, you’ll end up with a finished project that wows everyone who sees it. Stamping vertical decorative concrete is another excellent option. With this, a professional installer uses either standard templates or customized mats to produce a unique surface appearance. As an example, you could have the front of your wet bar stamped to look like your hardwood flooring system. Another possibility is to have one or more walls in your Baton Rouge game room stamped so they look exactly like brick