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Ideal Surfaces for Using Concrete Stain in Slidell Homes

Interior flooring concrete stain

Interior flooring concrete stain

Although some contractors claim that reactive concrete stain works fine on vertical surfaces, to prevent any streaking, top experts recommend sticking with horizontal applications. However, when you consider the vast number of flat surfaces inside and outside, there are incredible possibilities for transforming different spaces.

Whether you select an acid-based stain like SunStain or a water-based product like SunH20, you will love the results. With either one, you can change the color of a concrete surface in any room of the home, different areas of your business, or even an industrial environment.

Beyond interior floors, concrete stain is the perfect choice for giving new life to outside spaces, including patios, driveways, courtyards, front porches, walkways, pool decks, and more. With a myriad of color options, you can achieve any look you want. However, with aggregates or special additives blended into the formula, the surface becomes slip-resistant, which reduces the risk of someone slipping or falling.

A reactive concrete stain like SunStain creates an entirely different look than H2O, which is a non-reactive stain. For that reason, you need to start by determining what you want the surface to look like, whether you want it marbled or more uniform. Although the outcome is unique, both products will meet if not exceed your expectations.

For the best outcome, Sundek, which manufactures both the products mentioned, recommends having the concrete stain applied by a trained installer. That way, you have the assurance that the color will look incredible and last a long time.

With high product performance, your new flooring or exterior surface will look stunning and add value to your property. While a water-based stain merely changes the color of the concrete at the surface, an acid-based stain penetrates where it reacts to salts and chemicals, thereby creating a one-of-a-kind variegated effect. However, that does not diminish the results achieved with a water-based stain.

Are Epoxy Coatings a Good Choice for Vertical Applications in Prairieville Homes?

When it comes to epoxy coatings, most people automatically think of garage floors. Although that is a favorite application, products like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100 work great on any horizontal surface. However, epoxy is also an ideal choice for vertical surfaces, including walls, stair fronts, and fireplace surrounds.

With a correctly prepared surface, this coating bonds well and last for years. If preferred, you can have epoxy applied along with other types of decorative concrete coatings, giving your Prairieville home a unique aesthetic.

Depending on the type and size of the vertical surface that you want to have covered in your Prairieville home, the installer will choose the appropriate product and application technique. In many instances, the expert will apply epoxy with a brush while building up layers until reaching the desired thickness. While some people try to do this kind of work themselves, it is essential to use the services of a professional to prevent brushstrokes and ensure perfect results.

The most important thing when working with epoxy coatings is the preparation of the surface. In this case, the installer will make any necessary repairs, clean the surface, and then allow it to thoroughly dry. With that complete, the product gets applied using the right tools and proper technique.

Just like applying epoxy coatings to horizontal surfaces, when used vertically, you end up with a finished project that looks amazing but also lasts a lifetime. Although this coating’s ability to resist things like abrasions, chemicals, and oil may not matter to you, you still get to enjoy all the other benefits. For instance, epoxy comes in a host of beautiful colors, making it possible for you to achieve any aesthetic you want.

You might also consider having an epoxy coating applied to a wall and then have the same or a coordinating color added to the floor. With so many possibilities, the most significant challenge will involve narrowing the choices down to what you want for your Prairieville home. Ultimately, the vertical surface will look stunning with a personalized look unlike any other.

If you know what look you want, perfect, but if not, you can work with an expert to come up with ideas that will enhance the appearance of your home. Because epoxy coatings are so versatile, you can create a space that is contemporary, rustic, farmhouse chic, or something entirely different.

Creating Unique Dance Floors at Baton Route Nightclubs with Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain

If you own more than one nightclub in Baton Rouge, you want to provide patrons with a unique experience at each one and an excellent way to accomplish that is with concrete stain. You can still maintain a cohesive look between the different locations while giving each individualized personality and character. Especially with a product like SunAcid, the results are incredible.

Although there is nothing wrong in choosing a water-based concrete stain, for your purpose, an acid-based stain is also an option. The difference is that acid stain etches and penetrates the concrete and the color becomes permanent. That means that people can dance the night away with little concern of it wearing to quickly.

Once it penetrates the surface of the concrete dance floor, it reacts to the available lime in the concrete. Because every concrete surface has a different level of these compounds, the reaction is unique. Once the acid concrete stain reacts, it produces a variegated look similar to a marble floor. You can choose one color for all your Baton Rouge nightclubs yet get individualized results.

For added protection, the professional installer can apply a high-quality clear sealer that further prevents fading, discoloration, or worn spots. Ultimately, your nightclubs will become favorite hot spots in Baton Rouge.

With such a broad range of colors, you can achieve virtually any aesthetic you want. For instance, if one of your nightclubs attracts a younger crowd, you might consider Buckskin, which produces a dark and lighter orange marbled effect. Then for a nightclub where an older group likes to go, Cola and Vintage Umber are great matches.

With competition among nightclubs in Baton Rouge fierce, you need to think outside of the box, giving your customers something unique and memorable. Concrete stain on dance floors does just that.

Why Slip Resistance Is Essential for Southern Mississippi Cafeteria Flooring

Slip Resistance Floors

Slip Resistance Floors

If you do not remember everything that takes place in a cafeteria, all you have to do is visit a local school, and your memory will return very quickly. In addition to a lot of noise and students milling about, it is common to see spilled food and drink on the floor. Because spills create a risk of someone slipping and getting injured, some schools in Southern Mississippi are choosing flooring solutions with slip resistance.

Several decorative coatings produce slip-resistant surfaces. As an example, both SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100 reduce the risk of slipping and falling. However, these decorative coatings are also aesthetically pleasing and resistant to impacts, stains, abrasions, and a host of other things. With all of the design elements combined, epoxy is an excellent flooring solution for cafeterias in Southern Mississippi schools.

Stamped concrete is also an excellent possibility. In this case, a professional installer creates a surface that resembles different natural materials, including wood, river rock, cobblestone, brick, slate, and so on. Rather than contain additives that give the floor slip resistance, the texture used to create the design makes the surface nonslip.

There are other options, as well. For instance, with polished concrete, a professional installer can include additives or aggregates in the formula, which transforms the typically smooth and shiny surface into one that is slip resistant. The same goes for both water- and acid-stain products. While the floor still boasts the same characteristics as the type of decorative coating applied, the additives or aggregates give the cafeteria floor slip resistance.

Although cafeteria monitors do their best to keep kids under control, they are kids. That means that along with accidental spills, sometimes they roughhouse a little too much, leading to messes on the cafeteria floor. The great thing about epoxy and other decorative concrete coatings is that a school worker can quickly wipe up a spill to prevent an accident. As a bonus, when the floors are sealed, things like spilled red Jell-O or juice drink will not leave any unsightly stain behind.

The bottom line is that the right decorative concrete coating has slip-resistant qualities that prevent kids, faculty, and visiting family from sustaining an injury. It also protects the school from legal and financial liability. For creating a colorful and fun cafeteria floor with an enhanced safety feature, you can choose from several viable options.

Choosing the Best Decorative Concrete for a Karate School

Decorative concrete epoxy color flake

Decorative concrete epoxy color flake

Karate helps train both the body and mind. As students move up in rank, they become physically stronger and mentally more in control. Not only does a Mandeville karate school build muscle and character, it also teaches students how to protect themselves. As this ancient form of martial arts becomes increasingly popular, so does the need to create a dojo that is interesting and inviting.

Some school owners worry that decorative concrete does not have enough give required for the physical demands of karate. However, there is one solution that works incredibly well. Epoxy is not only a beautiful flooring system but also one with cushion. Because of that, an owner can transform the aesthetics of the school while providing students with a comfortable surface for sparring and performing katas.

However, there are many additional benefits of using epoxy as a dojo floor. While SunEpoxy 54 is a product commonly used in residential garages and commercial mechanic shops, it is also great for karate schools in Mandeville. Along with stunning aesthetics and comfort, this product is low odor and low volatile organics, and the surface is seamless for the safety of the students.

This decorative concrete coating is also highly resistant to impacts and abrasions, perfect for a dojo. If preferred, karate school owners can have this decorative concrete coating installed outside of the dojo. Because it will not stain and it stands up to oil, grease, and other substances without experiencing damage, the entire school will look amazing. Also, with the slip-resistant surface, if something off the dojo floor spills, there is less risk of someone falling and sustaining an injury.

If you currently own a karate school in Mandeville or want to open one, epoxy is a decorative concrete coating that will surpass your expectations. A beautifully designed studio coupled with first-class instruction will take your martial arts business to a new level of success.