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Choose Acid-stained Floors to Create a More Refined Atmosphere in Your Art Studio

Acid Stained Concrete Floors
Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Regardless of the type of work you display in your New Orleans art studio, whether you use the space to give students lessons or dedicate it solely to your craft, it’s important to create the appropriate atmosphere. After all, people who appreciate art typically have creative minds. Therefore, the last thing they expect is a studio with white or gray floors. Instead, consider acid-stained floors.

As an artistic space, you have carte blanc to do pretty much whatever you want. However, if your goal is to create a more refined atmosphere in your New Orleans art studio, then acid-stained floors are a perfect solution. With a reactive acid stain product like SunAcid, prepare for a transformation that will leave you and others speechless.

Although many things make acid-stained floors unique, one, in particular, stands out. This muriatic acid produces a translucent surface that looks like expensive marble. Especially if you select a warmer color, your New Orleans art studio will take on an entirely different character and personality. Another distinctive advantage is that once applied, the color becomes a permanent component of the concrete floors.

As a porous material, the acid stain applied to the concrete surface penetrates completely through. Even more exciting, every concrete slab consists of chemicals, which vary from piece to piece, meaning no two are alike. As the stain seeps into the concrete, it has a reaction. Ultimately, you end up with a unique flooring system that no one can ever duplicate.

The beautiful marbled effect combined with your choice of multiple rich colors makes acid-stained floors ideal. With this, you have the opportunity to turn an ordinary New Orleans art studio into a masterpiece. That one change alone is enough to enhance every painting or sculpture on display or inspire you and your students to unleash creativity to its fullest, all thanks to the richness of the floor.

5 Key Benefits of Acrylic Coatings for Outdoor Applications

Acrylic Coatings in cement overlays

Acrylic Coatings in cement overlays

Whether interested in a new driveway, walkway, patio, front porch, pool deck, or some other outdoor surface, acrylic coatings make an excellent choice. In fact, five specific benefits stand out, which are why so many home and business owners go this route as a way of transforming both the appearance and function of an existing concrete surface.


  1. Environmentally Strong – Perhaps one of the best reasons for choosing acrylic coatings is that a top-of-the-line product has a formula made specifically for outdoor applications. That means this finish can handle variations in temperature, climate, and humidity, allowing your newly transformed surface to last for many years maintaining its integrity.


  1. Aggregates – Also, you can choose from a broad range of aggregates to have added to the coating. Instead of an ordinary driveway, walkway, or some other surface, this is an excellent way to make your home or business stand out. Depending on the look you want to achieve, the installer can broadcast a slight or dense amount. As a bonus, aggregates make the surface slip-resistance.


  1. Easy Maintenance – Instead of spending a lot of time trying to keep the surface in pristine condition, all you need to do is spray the area down with a garden hose. Remember, acrylic coatings resist environmental pollutants, salts, stains, and weather, leaving you with little upkeep.


  1. Versatility – Along with the more common outdoor applications, you can have acrylic coatings applied to many additional surfaces such as retaining walls, roadside curbs, balconies, and more.


  1. Application – Another thing to note is that a professional can install acrylic coatings on a variety of surfaces, including textured, bare, and those with a decorative concrete overlay.


With so many possibilities using acrylic coatings, you can go to town transforming almost anything you want outside of your home or business. For homeowners, this is an excellent way to enhance curb appeal and increase the value of the property. For business owners, these beautiful new finishes can serve as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Cool Ways Southern Mississippi Homeowners Can Customize Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings on a Driveway

Decorative Coatings on a Driveway

By themselves, decorative coatings look stunning, which is why so many people in Southern Mississippi choose this option for enhancing both the interior and exterior of their homes. However, for something extraordinary, there are several viable ways to enhance the beauty of these concrete coatings, which in some instances, also improves the overall functionality.

  • Color – No matter which of the decorative coatings you prefer, you have an abundance of color options. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, you can select from subtler hues or go with bold and bright tones. You can even have the installer use several colors to create a distinct design effect.
  • Aggregates – A popular method for enhancing coatings involves having aggregates added. For this, you have multiple choices such as colored glass, quartz beads, metallic flakes, and pebbles. In fact, an expert can even use more unique things like seashells, fossils, and so on. As part of this, you determine the volume the expert broadcasts, whether subtle or dense. Not only does this transform the appearance, but it also creates a slip-resistant surface, perfect for pool decks, walkways, driveways, laundry rooms, kitchens, and other areas prone to moisture.
  • Textures and Patterns – Having textures or patterns created is another excellent way to enhance the appearance of decorative coatings. Some of the best options include saw cuts, score lines, and masonry effects. However, a qualified installer can also customize a texture or pattern based on what you specifically want.
  • Mix and Match – Instead of selecting just one solution, you might consider mixing and matching decorative coatings. For instance, you could have a gorgeous acid stained floor installed in your hearth room combined with a stamped concrete design in and around the fireplace that looks like genuine rock. As for your patio, you might consider an epoxy coating on the main floor surface along with a stamped border that resembles brick.

With decorative coatings, there are almost endless possibilities for your home in Southern Mississippi. Regardless if you have a project inside or outside of your home, this is the way to impress.

Tips for Customizing Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain in Day Spa Floor

Concrete Stain in Day Spa Floor

Whether you want to use concrete stain for floors, countertops, a pool deck, patio, or some other application, why settle on a standard finished project when you customize. With a little creativity, ideas you gather online, and the assistance of a skilled installer, you can turn an ordinary stained surface into something spectacular.

Using color is the easiest and most versatile method for customizing concrete stain. Keep in mind that for an acid-based versus a water-based product, colors vary dramatically. For instance, if you want a more elegant and sophisticated surface, something with a marbled effect, consider an acid-based stain. Compared to a water-based product, the colors are more subdued.

On the other hand, you have a broader selection of color using a water-based stain. The colors are bolder and brighter than what you would see with an acid-based product. For that reason, a lot of people choose a water-based concrete stain for family rooms, play rooms, basements, and children’s bedrooms. For an eclectic design, whether indoors or outdoors, you might prefer the colors of a water-based product.

A professional installer or contractor can customize concrete stain using unique patterns, saw cuts, and stencils as well. An excellent option for a look unlike any other. For example, if you want a stained floor to appear as expensive tile, the expert can score diamond or square patterns. The outcome is so precise no one will know the difference.

You can also achieve dramatic effects on concrete stain by having stencils or custom templates used. In this case, the professional uses the appropriate tools to carefully trace pre-set designs. However, someone with years of experience can create free-form designs instead of tracing patterns.

You might even think about having aggregates added to enhance the appearance of the concrete surface. While cobblestones, quartz beads, and colored glass look amazing on floors and pool decks, you could create a one-of-a-kind design for your countertops using seashells or even fossils.

How to Create Commercial Shower Floors with Slip Resistance in Baton Rouge

Slip Resistance in Locker Room

Slip Resistance in Locker Room

If you and other members of your family prefer showers to baths, you want to create the ultimate experience. Although beautiful tiles, a multi-function shower head, and built-in seating are all incredible amenities, the most important thing is a floor with slip resistance qualities. After all, a shower should be relaxing, not a potential risk of injury.

Especially if you have rambunctious kids, elderly people, or someone with a disability living in the home, shower floors with slip resistance for your Baton Rouge home are critical. Instead of a major investment, you can completely change the appearance and functionality of your showers with decorative concrete. In fact, you have several viable options, each worth consideration.

Epoxy is perhaps one of the best options. Although this coating has slip resistance qualities as it is, when you have new shower floors installed by a professional contractor or installer, that individual can enhance the surface to make it more slip resistant by using different textures or adding aggregates. For the latter, select from quartz beads, cobblestones, colored glass, or a host of other things to create a beautiful shower.

Another reason for choosing epoxy as the new shower floor surface is this material naturally resists moisture. While water seeps underneath the ceramic tile, causing it to loosen and mold to grow, you never have to worry with epoxy. This decorative concrete coating is also resistant to impact and abrasions, leaving your shower in pristine condition at all times.

Along with slip resistance qualities, there are incredible colors available with epoxy. When you select a high-performing product, you can choose from a broad range of colors to match the decor in your Baton Rouge home. Or even have the installer use several colors to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Providing your family with a relaxing and safe shower, you may have difficulty finding a time when you can enjoy it too.