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Different Pool Deck Coatings Enhance Both the Appearance and Safety at New Orleans Waterparks

Pool Deck Coatings- Waterparks

Pool Deck Coatings- Waterparks

Now that waterparks in New Orleans have closed for the winter, owners should take the opportunity to devise a plan that will enhance the decking’s appearance and safety. Although there are different options, decorative pool deck coatings land at the top of the list.

For instance, an expert can do almost anything with an acrylic spray-on texture. An application of this coating gives the surface a unique look. For something extraordinary, a professional installer can customize the project with masonry effects, score lines, various types of aggregates, and an abundance of color choices.

For waterpark owners who want to provide guests with the ultimate experience, a pool deck coating that produces a more upscale look and feel is a worthwhile consideration. An architectural limestone coating is another excellent option. This coating also provides guests with a nonslip surface. Even when wet, people can walk around without any concern of slipping. There are also beautiful color choices to create a customized appearance.

With the right pool deck coatings, New Orleans waterpark owners can turn an ordinary business into the “go-to” place where people cool off and have fun in the summer. As competition among waterparks rises, it is essential to offer guests a unique experience.

Remember, not only do pool deck coatings transform the appearance, they also create a safe surface. When you consider how many families visit waterparks in New Orleans, it is imperative that you do everything possible to prevent someone from sustaining an injury.

With several months of downtime, owners of waterparks in and around New Orleans can start planning their next move. Between the incredible colors, textures, and patterns for different pool deck coatings, the sky is the limit.

Which Is Better – Acrylic Coatings or Penetrating Sealers?

Acrylic coatings

Acrylic coatings

Whether you have decorative concrete applied to a pool deck, patio, kitchen floor, driveway, wall, or something else, it is essential to have it sealed. As a second layer of protection, the sealer not only keeps the surface beautiful but also extends its life. The question is, which option is better, acrylic coatings or penetrating sealers?

Although there are many different types of sealers, the two that installers use most often are acrylic coatings and penetrating sealers. While both do an excellent job, they work in unique ways.

Acrylic Sealers

Take SunClear UltraProtect as a perfect example. The best-selling clear acrylic sealer on the market, this product forms a protective film on top of the decorative concrete. Similar to wearing a raincoat during a storm, the sealer creates a water-resistant barrier, making it perfect for outdoor applications.

For acrylic sealers, you can select between a water- and solvent-based formula. Either way, tiny particles of acrylic solids are suspended in the liquid carrier. Applied wet, once the water or solvent dries or evaporates, those particles form the protective film. The main difference between the two is that a water-based acrylic coating typically darkens the surface and has a glossier appearance. In comparison, a solvent-based coating produces a matte-like finish with only slight gloss.

Penetrating Sealers

On the other hand, penetrating sealers usually contain silicates, silane, or siloxane, which reacts with the decorative concrete instead of forming a film on the surface. The result is a hydrophobic substance that covers the pores. In other words, penetrating sealers fill pores, sealing the surface from within. As for appearance, there is virtually no change when using penetrating sealers.

The Bottom Line

While both options are excellent, a lot of home and business owners go with a superior-quality acrylic sealer. Although clear sealers are still a popular choice, you can have color added to change or enhance the appearance of the decorative concrete surface.

Top 10 Reasons People in Southern Mississippi Love Concrete Patios

Concrete Patios

Concrete Patios

Throughout Southern Mississippi, it is common to see people relaxing or entertaining on backyard concrete patios. In fact, homeowners spend a great deal of time outside in the shade, visiting with family and friends. If you wonder why so many of them choose patios made with decorative concrete, consider the top 10 reasons listed below.


  1. Style Options – Instead of dull gray concrete, people in Southern Mississippi love colors, textures, and patterns. Using a product like SunStamp, an installer can turn a boring surface into something spectacular that looks like natural wood, stone, brick, and more, making the patio more exciting.
  2. Additional Space – Beautifully finished concrete patios create additional space, which is especially useful for people with smaller homes.


  1. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance – By sealing decorative concrete surfaces, keeping a patio clean takes little time and effort.


  1. Durability – Of all the building materials, concrete is the most durable. When installed by an expert, it will last 50 years or more.


  1. No Hassle – Unlike renovation projects that require a permit, homeowners can have decorative concrete patios installed without going through red tape.


  1. Environmentally Friendly – Concrete is an environmentally friendly material. If someone has an old slab removed, they can use it for other purposes.


  1. Versatility – The abundance of decorative concrete products, including overlays, finishes, and coatings, provides people with incredible versatility.


  1. Unified Appearance – Instead of having a backyard designed using multiple materials, homeowners can have concrete patios installed along with pool decks, walkways, and porches to create uniformity.


  1. Quick Install – Another reason people in Southern Mississippi love decorative concrete patios is that a professional installer can complete the job in just one to two days depending on the size of the area.


  1. Solid Support – As a strong material, a patio with a concrete floor can support all types of things, such as a water feature, fire pit, hot tub, and more.

Why Interior Designers and Architects Recommend Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are great for Restaurants

Concrete overlays are great for Restaurants

Whether you are working with a professional interior designer or architect, you will discover that they think alike in many cases. As an example, when it comes to concrete surfaces, such as floors, countertops, driveways, pool decks, and patios, these experts agree that concrete overlays are an exceptional solution. Following are some examples of why they make this recommendation to their clients.

  • Fast Project – If a concrete surface has mild to moderate surface imperfections, there is no reason to have the entire slab torn out and reinstalled. Instead, experienced contractors or installers create a new surface using concrete overlays. As you can imagine, this decreases the amount of time it takes to complete a project. In fact, the experts typically finish even large jobs in just a day or two, compared to waiting weeks (if not longer) for a tear-out and repour. With the project finished, you can begin to enjoy the new surface immediately.

    Concrete overlay in Bar

    Concrete overlay in Bar

  • No Mess – A common complaint when having old concrete ripped out and new concrete repoured is the significant mess caused by jackhammering. Not only would you have to look at a pile of broken-up concrete until it is hauled away, but you also must deal with the fine dust that makes its way inside the home or business. With concrete overlays, there is virtually no mess.
  • Creativity – Unlimited creativity is one of the top reasons why interior designers and architects recommend concrete overlays to their clients. Although products like SunStamp, Tuscan, and SunStone provide incredible results, each has unique characteristics. Between the broad range of colors, textures, patterns, aggregates, and other embellishments, the sky is the limit.
  • Enhanced Functionality – You will even find that concrete overlays strengthen the functionality of the area. For instance, after having decorative concrete coatings applied to a pool deck, you end up with a slip-resistant and cool-to-the-touch surface that makes time spent outdoors more enjoyable and safer for everyone.

Surface Options for Concrete Patio Floors

Stained Concrete Patio and Pool Deck

Stained Concrete Patio and Pool Deck

You have a big gathering planned for family and friends at your home in just a few weeks. While you have everything organized – food, beverages, games, decorations, and entertainment – you realize your concrete patio floors look horrible. Instead of stressing about the lack of time, you can create whatever look you want within one to two days using decorative concrete overlays or coatings.

Although you have virtually endless possibilities, the following are some ideas worth considering. Remember, your new concrete patio floors will look gorgeous not only for your big event but for many years after. In fact, that one change will enhance both the appearance and value of your property.

  • Stained Concrete – For this option, you can choose between a water- and acid-based stain. They both produce unbelievable results but in different ways. With a water-based stain, the surface changes color. If you use something like SunH20, you have a fantastic choice of many bold and fun colors. In comparison, an acid-based stain, like SunAcid, penetrates and reacts to chemicals in the concrete. Although there are fewer color options, you end up with a marbled effect. If you prefer a more sophisticated look, go with the acid-based stain. For vibrancy, select the water-based stain.
  • Epoxy – Epoxy might be popular for garage floors, but it also makes an excellent choice for concrete patio floors. Based on the design or theme that you want, you would select the coordinating color. For a “wow” factor, have the installer create beautiful textures and designs. Combined with the fact that epoxy is cool to bare feet and slip resistant, this makes it ideal for a backyard patio transformation.
  • Stamped Concrete – Yet another possibility is having your concrete patio floors stamped. Again, depending on the look you want to achieve, a professional installer can use templates or create a custom design. For the latter, the entire family can come up with something unique, or you can rely on the expert for ideas.