Benefits of Flooring with Slip Resistant Finish for Assisted Living Facilities

Slip resistant finish

Slip resistant finish

While people in a nursing home require 24-hour care, those in an assisted living facility lead a relatively independent lifestyle. Even then, there is potential for someone to sustain an injury due to slips and falls. To provide residents with optimal protection, an increasing number of assisted living facilities in Baton Rouge are installing floors with slip-resistant characteristics.

Using a product like SunDye, a professional installer can transform virtually any interior floor. Available in both acetone and water-soluble liquids, this dye looks beautiful on its own. But for a more dramatic effect, you can use it in conjunction with SunAcid, another spectacular product. However, for enhanced safety in an assisted living facility, the installer can add slip resistant agents.

The following are a few examples of the benefits offered by the right flooring solution.

  • Reduces the Risk of Slips and Falls – Not only are accidental slips and falls the second most common cause of injury as well as death in the United States, but they are an unusually high risk for the elderly, including those living in assisted living facilities. By installing floors with a slip resistant surface, accidents decline dramatically.
  • Helps Support Staff – Because people in Baton Rouge facilities live more independently, they do not require as much support from staff as elderly residents in a nursing home do. By reducing the risk of injury, employees can focus more on their designated tasks, which keeps the facility running smoothly and efficiently.

Liability – As you can expect, if someone has a family member in a Baton Rouge assisted living facility who takes a bad fall and sustains an injury, there is a good chance of facing a lawsuit. That means the owner would face serious liability issues. In addition to the financial impact, with a significant number of falls or slips, the state could shut the place down. Ultimately, floors with a slip resistant surface help protect the company