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Staying on Top of Pool Deck Repair at Your Baton Rouge Apartment Complex

Pool Deck Repair with Sundek

Pool Deck Repair with Sundek

Keeping a pool deck in top condition for a private home sometimes involves challenges, but when the pool deck is for an apartment complex, those challenges are often multiplied. Unlike a private home, numerous people frequent the area around an apartment complex swimming pool. This increases the risk of damage.

However, the need for pool deck repair can be the result of things beyond excessive use. For instance, the reinforcing steel in a pool deck may erode. Typically, concrete prevents rust because it is alkaline, but if chloride ions are present, the passivating layer of the alkalinity surrounding the steel corrodes.

Damage can also occur due to freeze/thaw disintegration. With concrete being a porous material, if water seeps in and freezes, small areas of the concrete’s surface flake off. An alkali-aggregate reaction is another possible reason for a concrete pool deck to deteriorate. In this case, once gel that forms around the aggregate particle becomes wet, it expands and causes serious damage to the concrete.

Regardless of why you need a pool deck repair, it is important to have the work done by a professional contractor who uses only high-quality products. Especially since the pool deck is intended to provide residents of the apartment complex a place of relaxation and fun, you want repairs done quickly and correctly.

Sundek of New Orleans offers the best pool deck products on the market. Whether repairing or preventing damage, we offer a variety of solutions for pool decks. For example, your contractor can use SunCanvas, which is a gorgeous and protective microtopping.

Having a beautiful pool deck for residents and guests is a good representation of the apartment complex. Because the pool is an important amenity, this will encourage people to stay.

Preventing Accidents by Increasing Slip Resistance on Your Industrial Floors

Especially for industrial floors, you want to take every precaution to prevent accidents from happening. There is a lot of movement in plants, warehouses, factories, airplane hangars, distribution centers, service bays, and maintenance facilities. With people moving about all day performing various duties, it is essential for the floors to offer slip resistance.sundek specialty coatings washington

Unless the industrial floors have a slip resistant quality, you are putting the company at risk for an insurance claim or lawsuit. In addition, an injured employee has a direct impact on production, which could cost business and revenue.

The fact is that industrial floors take a beating from not only heavy foot traffic but also vehicular equipment, chemicals, and heavy machinery. Because of that, you need a high-quality epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Although you have different options when looking at industrial floors, one in particular stands out as being an exceptional solution. Offered by Sundek of New Orleans, the SunEpoxy thin mil epoxy floor is ideal. Not only is this floor extremely durable, making it the perfect choice for an industrial environment, it is nonslip.

Your contractor will install the flooring with a brush or roller that produces a seamless appearance. By adding a second coat once the first coat is thoroughly dry, slip resistance increases. The result is an attractive floor with enhanced safety.

In addition to straightforward installation, epoxy floors have low odor and are made with low levels of volatile organics. For wet areas, texture is added to customize the industrial floor for maximum slip resistance. This also bolsters the floor’s ability to withstand various elements, including chemicals, water, and oils.

Although your main priority is industrial flooring that offers slip resistance, your contractor can add other Sundek products to enhance the aesthetics. For example, SunFlek is an impressive flooring system available in numerous colors. When added to thin mil epoxy floors, the overall appearance changes.

Sundek has another product called SunChip, which can be added to thin mil epoxy floors to create customized colors and patterns. Included in this product are multicolored vinyl acrylic paint chips that range in size from 1/8 inches to 3/4 inches. SunChips also come in different colors. Ultimately, your industrial floors will have a higher degree of slip resistance while making the work environment more appealing.

Common Problems That Concrete Repair in Slidell Involves

Pool deck with concrete repair done

Pool deck with concrete repair done

Although indoor concrete can get damaged, it is especially common for outdoor features, including patios, pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, and so on. Fortunately, by hiring a Slidell concrete restoration professional, the concrete can be repaired and will look great.

The most common problem that develops is cracking. Often, cracks are nothing more than a cosmetic nuisance. However, in extreme cases, they can be caused by structural damage. Having a professional evaluate the cracks will help determine the best course of action.

Concrete repair in Slidell is performed for spalling, also called scaling. Again, this is usually cosmetic, but it can be structural. Spalling/scaling is identified as concrete that becomes rough and flaky. While there are different causes, freeze/thaw cycles are the most common. Concrete is porous, so when water penetrates and freezes, small flakes break off. Using any type of deicing product will only worsen the problem.

To preserve the surface, concrete repair in Slidell for spalling/scaling should be done as quickly as possible. By waiting too long, the problem will worsen. In more severe cases, large chunks of concrete will break off, requiring a more extensive repair. Over time, the entire concrete surface will deteriorate.

Dusting is another potential problem with concrete. With this, you will see a fine layer of dust on the surface. Usually, areas with heavy traffic are at greatest risk. As for the exact cause, there are numerous possibilities, including an inadequate amount of cement on the surface, excessive water in the cement mixture, and no curing. Dusting affects both residential and commercial spaces in Slidell.

When dusting occurs on the concrete outside of the home, there is little risk, but that changes for indoor environments. Indoors, this fine dust gets stirred up by people, vehicles, equipment, and so on. As the dust becomes airborne, it is inhaled. This can lead to irritation of the lungs. For people with asthma and other respiratory health issues, things can turn bad quickly.

Concrete repair in Slidell is also required for corroding reinforced steel. Because concrete has a high level of alkaline, it prevents rust. When inside of concrete, rebar is protected. However, if you use deicing products, the chloride ions destroy the protective layer of alkalinity around the steel rebar, causing it to rust.

Regardless of what the problem is, there are viable repairs. Most importantly, you want to hire a reputable company or contractor that can assess the problem, make the appropriate recommendation, and complete the repair.

Concrete Overlays in Baton Rouge: The Perfect Way to Repair Damaged Driveways

Concrete Overlay on a Driveway

Concrete Overlays for a Driveway

Compared to asphalt, concrete is a superior material for a number of reasons. If you have a concrete driveway that has been damaged in some way, overlays are an excellent solution. In fact, concrete overlays can completely transform the appearance of a Baton Rouge home.

Because the driveway is the first thing that people see when approaching a home, it plays a critical role in curb appeal. To repair your driveway, enhance the aesthetics, and extend its life, you will never go wrong with overlays. When professionally applied by a reputable licensed contractor, you will be thrilled with the results.

By choosing concrete overlays in Baton Rouge, damaged driveways do not have to be ripped out and reinstalled. With an overlay, you have the opportunity to customize the look of your driveway however you prefer.

One option is the Classic Texture acrylic spray overlay offered by Sundek of New Orleans. Because the contractor has full control over the degree of texture, this is an extremely versatile option. This acrylic overlay also has a nonslip surface, reducing the risk of falls and slips. Another key benefit is that the surface is nonporous, making it highly resistant to chemicals, oils, and dirt.

Although there are numerous possibilities for concrete overlays in Baton Rouge, a handcrafted overlay combined with stamping and hand-troweling produces an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. With this option, your driveway will take on the appearance of natural stone or other superior materials. The contractor can also use various coloring techniques to create a one-of-a-kind look.

A skilled contractor will work with you to come up with creative ideas and then utilize different materials to make your driveway interesting yet fully functional. Regardless of the architecture of your Baton Rouge home, concrete overlays in are ideal. After all, you can choose a geometric design, brickwork, English cobblestone, slate paving, and much more.

When Is Concrete Resurfacing the Best Solution?

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing

As concrete ages, it becomes cracked and discolored. Not only is this unsightly, it can also cause leaks and other issues. When this occurs, you have to decide if you should go with concrete resurfacing or replacement. If possible, you want to go with resurfacing. It is an easier job that can be done much faster. However, before diving in, your contractor will need to make sure that your situation meets the criteria for a resurfacing job.

Assess the Damage

When deciding between resurfacing and replacement, it comes down to inches. Products like SunCanvas go right on top of the existing concrete. Your contractor shouldn’t have to pour more than 2 inches of the resurfacing product on top of your concrete. If more is needed, it will be necessary to first repair the concrete. However, if the surface needs 2 inches or less of a resurfacing product, then a concrete resurfacing is likely the best solution. The product will go right on the concrete and hide the imperfections.

Look at the Type of Damage

The type of damage is also important when determining if you should go with resurfacing or replacement. If the damage is caused by poor installation, then it’s likely that the concrete needs to be replaced. Otherwise, you could end up with a serious problem on your hands. On the other hand, if the concrete is merely worn and chipped, it will look like new once it is resurfaced. The resurfacing technique will cover the imperfections up, and it will look like you have new concrete.

As long as the damage isn’t too severe, concrete resurfacing is typically the right solution. With so many options for resurfacing, consumers feel as if they have new concrete when they get their new surfaces.