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Advances in Colored Concrete Lead to New Options for Baton Rouge Homes and Businesses

Acid stained concrete baton rougeThanks to major advances, colored concrete in Baton Rouge has never looked better. Homeowners in Baton Rouge have real heart and soul, which is often evident in the choice of materials and color. As you drive through Baton Rouge, take note of the vibrantly colored driveways, patios, and walkways. For the people of this city, decorative concrete has become an increasingly popular choice.

The people of Baton Rouge are eager to transform traditional concrete surfaces into something extraordinary. In fact, thanks to new options for colored concrete, many surfaces make a bold architectural or artistic statement. Whether for an existing home or one still being built, unique color options are available.

Remarkable Changes

Tremendous advancements have been made in both acid stains and pigments used for concrete. Because of this, you can choose from a wide selection of colors, along with beautiful textures. For optimal results, it is essential that you choose only the best products for your colored concrete.

For example, SunAcid is an exceptional muriatic acid-based coloring solution that creates a translucent mottled look. This acid reacts with salts and minerals naturally present in concrete. As far as coloration, this becomes a permanent component of the substrate, so it will never peel or crack.

Unlike colored concrete that comes from more conventional pigment type stains and polymers, SunAcid offers superior quality and aesthetics that cannot be matched. Then, based on different application techniques, your Sundek of New Orleans contractor can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Proudly serving Baton Rouge, the professionals with Sundek of New Orleans have a genuine understanding of and interest in what our clients want and deserve. Contact us today to see how we can transform your home or business with colored concrete surfaces.


Concrete Repair Saves Baton Rouge Homeowners Money and Boosts Property Values

All concrete will eventually show wear and tear, which can include cracks and chips. While the initial thought might be to have new concrete installed, in truth, concrete repair in Baton Rouge is a much better solution. For one thing, compared to new concrete installation, repair is a more cost-efficient option. In addition, when the right products are used, the process is clean, relatively easy, and quick for your contractor to complete.

Cost Savings

Concrete repair baton rougeWhen concrete repair is performed using quality Sundek products, you have assurance the outcome will be exceptional. Along with a beautiful surface, repaired concrete also saves money. Having cracks repaired reduces financial liability should someone trip and get injured. Savings also comes from the repair process itself, since no high-dollar equipment is required.

Enhanced Home Value

Concrete repaired using Sundek products will also boost property value. Curb appeal is critical when selling a home. However, if there are major cracks in the concrete, potential buyers will likely run, believing that repair and/or installation would be too expensive.

Putting on a good presentation will help draw potential buyers in. After seeing the magnificent concrete work, people will be interested in knowing more. By making the appropriate concrete repairs, the value of your property will automatically go up.

After the initial repairs are complete, the value of your Baton Rouge home can be further enhanced. For instance, you can use a Sundek product called UltraProtext, which gives concrete floors an extra layer of protection. This clear sealer creates a protective film that is not only hard but also impact resistant and flexible. To potential buyers, concrete floors that are professionally repaired and then protected with a cutting-edge product add value to the overall sales price.

Tips for Designing Decorative Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways

When designing decorative concrete driveways for residences and businesses, there are numerous options available. As such, it can sometimes become overwhelming and property owners may find themselves struggling to choose designs that will complement existing properties. The tips below can help in choosing the right decorative concrete designs to suit specific projects.

First, it is important to choose colors for decorative concrete based on the style of the residence or business. For example, for properties that feature a beach or Mediterranean style, Sundek’s sandy beige and ocean blue are often good choices.

Tying Elements Together for a Cohesive Design with Decorative Concrete For Concrete Driveways

Once colors have been chosen, it is important to carry those elements into the connecting patios or walkways. This helps create a cohesive transition and can be particularly beneficial when tying into an expansive driveway. Setting apart pedestrian and vehicle uses with colors and patterns can also be helpful when designing decorative concrete driveway for homes and businesses. Both colors and scoring lines can be used to specify areas for foot traffic and vehicles.

Stamping patterns should also be carefully chosen to complement the exterior of the home or business. Property owners who prefer the look of natural stone but who are looking for a more affordable alternative will find that Sundeck’s SunStamp stamped decorative concrete can prove to be a beautiful and cost-effective solution.

With the wide selection of decorative concrete options now available, it has become increasingly easier for property owners to create whatever vision they may have in mind for exterior spaces. By considering all connecting elements as a whole, it is possible to create a driveway that will blend beautifully with other exterior spaces while also creating designated areas for specific uses.

New Coatings Provide Effective Pool Deck Repair Solutions

Pool Deck Repair

While swimming pools can provide hours of fun for the entire family, pool decks are continually exposed to varying temperatures, rain, sun, and chemicals. Over time, all of these factors can result in pitting and cracks in the surface of a deck, causing it to look worn out and discolored. Whether your swimming pool deck needs resurfacing or a little repair may depend upon the extent of the damage. The right coatings can help you repair your pool deck while providing a brand-new look.

Pool deck repair begins by fixing the joints and cracks that may have appeared in the deck over time. Sundek manufactures coatings that can be ideal for filling both small and large cracks while preparing your pool deck for a new application of paint, if necessary, and ensuring a smooth finish. Resurfacing your swimming pool deck can give you the ability to create the look of natural stone or even add color. When you embark on a swimming pool deck repair, the possibilities for creating an entirely new look for your deck are virtually limitless.

Today, New Orleans homeowners are able to take advantage of a number of versatile resurfacing products. Many of these products can be either applied with a trowel or sprayed onto your deck to provide necessary pool deck repair as well as add slip resistance, texture, and color. In addition, some pool deck repair systems can also be stenciled or stamped, giving you the ability to achieve a number of different patterns.

Many of the products available today contain specific additives that work to improve the performance of your swimming pool deck while also bonding to the existing concrete. As a result, it is possible to obtain a much-needed pool deck repair without requiring that you install an entirely new deck. Coatings are also available that help resist damage from pool chemicals, salt, UV exposure, and abrasion. If time is a concern, some products are specially formulated to dry quickly, which makes it possible to repair a worn pool deck in as little as a day. These types of systems can be particularly beneficial for hotels and other businesses in New Orleans in need of pool deck repair with as little downtime as possible. Sundek’s Classic Texture Splatter Knockdown finish offers easy maintenance, slip resistance, and a comfortable walking surface.


Stained Concrete Maintenance for Interior Floors

Epoxy Flooring New Orleans believes that stained concrete maintenance for interior floors is something all homeowners should perform on a regular basis.

What kind of maintenance is needed for interior stained concrete floors, many may be asking.  It goes without saying that maintaining cleanliness is one of the most important tasks.

For those who believe that purchasing strong solvent cleaners in order to keep their stained concrete kitchen floor clean, should check with the likes of Epoxy Floors New Orleans to confirm that the cleanser purchased isn’t so strong as to remove the color from the stained concrete.

Employees at Concrete Staining New Orleans have years of stain concrete maintenance experience. For people that don’t like or can’t be bothered spending time thoroughly cleaning stained floors, it is recommended that these folks at least make sure dirt or food isn’t ground into the design or staining. It has been suggested, by concrete experts the likes of Acid Stain New Orleans, that the hosing of bathroom stained flooring will, not only, keep the floor clean, but also cut down the chances of mildew and athlete’s foot bacteria thriving in a moist environment – make sure the floor is completely dry after hosing is obviously important.

More information is able to be attained from Stained Concrete New Orleans and other concreting services. In order to keep maintenance time to the minimum, don’t do anything on the concrete that may cause chipping or scratching. Likewise don’t attempt to clean stained floors with gasoline –unless you want to cash in on your home insurance.