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New Coatings Provide Effective Pool Deck Repair Solutions

Pool Deck Repair

While swimming pools can provide hours of fun for the entire family, pool decks are continually exposed to varying temperatures, rain, sun, and chemicals. Over time, all of these factors can result in pitting and cracks in the surface of a deck, causing it to look worn out and discolored. Whether your swimming pool deck needs resurfacing or a little repair may depend upon the extent of the damage. The right coatings can help you repair your pool deck while providing a brand-new look.

Pool deck repair begins by fixing the joints and cracks that may have appeared in the deck over time. Sundek manufactures coatings that can be ideal for filling both small and large cracks while preparing your pool deck for a new application of paint, if necessary, and ensuring a smooth finish. Resurfacing your swimming pool deck can give you the ability to create the look of natural stone or even add color. When you embark on a swimming pool deck repair, the possibilities for creating an entirely new look for your deck are virtually limitless.

Today, New Orleans homeowners are able to take advantage of a number of versatile resurfacing products. Many of these products can be either applied with a trowel or sprayed onto your deck to provide necessary pool deck repair as well as add slip resistance, texture, and color. In addition, some pool deck repair systems can also be stenciled or stamped, giving you the ability to achieve a number of different patterns.

Many of the products available today contain specific additives that work to improve the performance of your swimming pool deck while also bonding to the existing concrete. As a result, it is possible to obtain a much-needed pool deck repair without requiring that you install an entirely new deck. Coatings are also available that help resist damage from pool chemicals, salt, UV exposure, and abrasion. If time is a concern, some products are specially formulated to dry quickly, which makes it possible to repair a worn pool deck in as little as a day. These types of systems can be particularly beneficial for hotels and other businesses in New Orleans in need of pool deck repair with as little downtime as possible. Sundek’s Classic Texture Splatter Knockdown finish offers easy maintenance, slip resistance, and a comfortable walking surface.


Stained Concrete Maintenance for Interior Floors

Epoxy Flooring New Orleans believes that stained concrete maintenance for interior floors is something all homeowners should perform on a regular basis.

What kind of maintenance is needed for interior stained concrete floors, many may be asking.  It goes without saying that maintaining cleanliness is one of the most important tasks.

For those who believe that purchasing strong solvent cleaners in order to keep their stained concrete kitchen floor clean, should check with the likes of Epoxy Floors New Orleans to confirm that the cleanser purchased isn’t so strong as to remove the color from the stained concrete.

Employees at Concrete Staining New Orleans have years of stain concrete maintenance experience. For people that don’t like or can’t be bothered spending time thoroughly cleaning stained floors, it is recommended that these folks at least make sure dirt or food isn’t ground into the design or staining. It has been suggested, by concrete experts the likes of Acid Stain New Orleans, that the hosing of bathroom stained flooring will, not only, keep the floor clean, but also cut down the chances of mildew and athlete’s foot bacteria thriving in a moist environment – make sure the floor is completely dry after hosing is obviously important.

More information is able to be attained from Stained Concrete New Orleans and other concreting services. In order to keep maintenance time to the minimum, don’t do anything on the concrete that may cause chipping or scratching. Likewise don’t attempt to clean stained floors with gasoline –unless you want to cash in on your home insurance.

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Stained Concrete New Orleans believes that beauty, strength and uniqueness are the ingredients that epoxy concrete products bring to the construction industry.

Indeed Concrete Staining New Orleans is able to transform kitchens, bathrooms, pool areas; garage floors and other areas in and around your home into areas of grandeur. It doesn’t matter whether there is existing concrete or you are about to have new concrete poured, epoxy flooring will give your home an ambience you never thought possible.

Now, if having a home with a special ambience is not one of the many benefits of epoxy flooring, then I don’t know what is. Acid Stain New Orleans is an expert in all facets of epoxy concreting and therefore, able to advise homeowners on what choices or combinations are available. Epoxy flooring, as mentioned, gives strength and beauty to concrete. It is ideal for garage floors as oil stains are easily cleaned and the drab, dirty image, garages seem to be saddled with, is a thing of the past.

Epoxy Flooring New Orleans recommends epoxy flooring in bathrooms and kitchens enhances these well used rooms in any house. The old days of cheap linoleum on the kitchen and bathroom floors are over as many people switch over, or order their contractor to lay, the far more decorative and long lasting epoxy flooring option. Epoxy Floors New Orleans is able to recommend what is best for the folks of Louisiana rebuilding in that Katrina slashed city. Indeed the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina has caused many, who are rebuilding, to change to epoxy concrete.

What is Polyurea Polyaspartic?

garageOne of the most popular new materials in the area of concrete garage floor New Orleans finishes is something called polyurea polyaspartic. This material is very unique and has many advantages when it comes to garage floors and other concrete surfaces.

Polyurea polyaspartic New Orleans is a mix material that is spread or laid over the existing concrete. It comes in a variety of different looks for a variety of different uses. For example, many warehouses opt for this type of material for their floors just like garages do.

There are many advantages to this floor coating New Orleans. When it dries, this material is very durable and easy to clean. It does not get stained the same way that concrete does, so you can just wipe or mop up stains and remove them. No power washer or scrubbing is necessary when this happens because the concrete is sealed completely.

This material is so popular for garage floors New Orleans because it is affordable. This coating is incredibly affordable because it is in fact a concrete coating. It is much more affordable than other types of flooring, and you won’t have to spend a lot on maintenance over a long period of time.

If you want to coat your garage floor New Orleans with a very good quality material that will seal it and make it easy to maintain and durable, then you should opt for the new polyurea polyaspartic material that is quickly becoming a very well-known material for floors.


If you’re looking to update your New Orleans home, the front entryway is a great place to start. This is the area most people see, and provides the first impression to your guests.

Start With A Walkway

A concrete front walkway can not only add beauty to your home, it can also protect your front lawn from foot traffic and provide better grip in wet weather. If you have an existing walkway that looks like it’s seen better days, repair and restoration options are available as well. Steps are also a good consideration, making your home look more sophisticated.

Walkways and steps can be created with unique patterns, colours and shapes. With concrete stamping and overlays, there are endless options.

Add Lighting

Lighting is important, especially if you have steps. You don’t want your guests to be tripping in the dark, or stepping off the walkway onto your lawn. Decent lighting may also minimize the risk of break-ins and creates a pleasant mood, making the front of your house look great long after the sun goes down.

Add A Garden

You can enhance the colour of your front entryway very easily by adding flowers. A garden can become a great hobby as well. If you don’t want to install a garden, consider planting flowers along the side of your walkway.

Your New Orleans home should be something you’re proud of. Your local concrete contractor or landscaper will be able to tell you your best options for installing a beautiful new entryway, or the restoration of your existing one.

Decorative Concrete New Orleans