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Creating the Perfect Baton Rouge Playroom with Epoxy Floors that Mimic a Basketball Court

Garage floor coatingJust imagine how much fun your kids and their friends would have in a playroom that has a floor that perfectly mimics a basketball court. The exciting news is that this is actually possible thanks to SunEpoxy 54 or SunEpoxy 100 epoxy floors. By choosing the right colors and design techniques, virtually any design element is possible, even a basketball court in your Baton Rouge home.

While fun anytime, the playroom would be the perfect way to keep bored kids busy on rainy or snowy days when getting outside is difficult. If the playroom is large enough, the epoxy floors could cover a full court as opposed to a half court. With that, your children could practice whenever they wanted. If they play for the school basketball team, this would give them a huge advantage.

Unlike painted floors where lines and team logos quickly fade or wear away, epoxy floors are designed to last. Not only are these floors incredibly durable, they have anti-fatigue benefits. That means that your kids, and perhaps adults, as well, could enjoy games of basketball for years without the floors experiencing wear and tear. It also means that the people involved in the games would have a floor that is comfortable and less fatiguing on their muscles.

Once the concrete surface is prepared, the basketball court lines would be taped off, as well as any other areas for logos. Then, either a gray or blondish colored epoxy would be applied. Once completely dry, the court lines and logos would be added.

For added protection, a top coat sealer should always be applied to epoxy floors. For the playroom in your Baton Rouge home, this will enhance functionality, aesthetics, and endurance, allowing the floors to last much longer.

What are the Different Methods Used to Apply Acrylic Coatings in Mandeville Homes?

Professionals use various application methods for acrylic coatings in Mandeville homes. Choosing the correct method is critical to the project outcome because if the wrong method is used or the application is not done correctly, the effectiveness of the coating could be seriously compromised.Concrete resurfacing

  • Brushing – This is one method for applying acrylic coatings in Mandeville homes. Just as the name implies, the coating is literally brushed on. However, there are different types of brushes used. For instance, some professionals use chip brushes, which are only used once and then thrown away. The benefit is that chip brushes are perfect for cutting in edges on thicker acrylic coatings. The second option is an angled synthetic brush, which also produces a clean edge. When applying graphics, logos, and other colored embellishments, many professionals prefer brushes made of horsehair.
  • Rolling – Especially when applying acrylic coatings on larger surface areas in Mandeville homes, rolling is a great method. For clear coats, as well as epoxies, a roller cover with a 3/8-inch nap is recommended. That way, hairs are not pulled out of the roller when installing a solvent-based coat. This roller also produces a smoother and glossier finish. For resealing a surface or when installing stamped concrete, a 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch nap is usually a better choice, since it prevents extra sealer from getting into the patterned textures, as well as seams and grout lines.
  • Squeegeeing – For applying coatings on floors and other larger surfaces in Mandeville homes, a squeegee can be ideal. A rubber, 14-inch or 16-inch squeegee works great since it ensures a lesser amount of coating is left on lower surface spots.

When hiring the right company to apply acrylic coatings in Mandeville homes, an assessment is performed prior to starting any actual work. That way, the appropriate application method can be determined to ensure the best results possible.

Nursing Home Flooring is Turning to Decorative Concrete to Create a Comfortable Environment

To most people, including nursing home staff, residents, and family members, this type of environment feels and looks sterile. In many nursing homes, and even assisted living facilities, the floors are gray, dull, and without personality or character. Instead of people living out their last days in a cold environment, why not incorporate decorative concrete in the Southern Mississippi nursing home that you own or operate?

Sundek Decorative Concrete

Relax on your new SUNDEK concrete system.

To start with, decorative concrete can be installed on multiple surfaces within a Southern Mississippi nursing home. In other words, floors, walls, countertops, fireplace surrounds, outside patios, walkways, and many other surfaces can be beautifully enhanced. Even if you were to transform just one surface, the entire environment would change for the better.

Because there are unlimited color options for decorative concrete, you can select one color or a combination of colors for your Southern Mississippi nursing home. With the right colors or color combinations, you can make certain areas feel warm and inviting. while other areas become vibrant and fun.

For instance, use warm colors like brown, amber, and certain shades of blue and green for the common areas, including the entryway, dining room, sitting area, and on-site chapel. Then for areas where residents exercise or play games, choose brighter colors, like yellow, orange, or light blue. With so many color options, you will have no problem creating a cohesive look between the different areas of your Southern Mississippi nursing home even when using decorative concrete in multiple colors.

Patterns and textures can accomplish the same goal. You can select one pattern or texture for the entire nursing home, or combine several. One reason why you should consider mixing and matching decorative concrete patterns and textures in your Southern Mississippi is that it creates interest. Instead of residents feeling bored and agitated, colored, patterned, and textured decorative concrete keeps them stimulated and, thereby, more connected.

To achieve whatever goal that you have in mind for your Southern Mississippi nursing home, you will never go wrong with decorative concrete. Of course, to make this type of environment exactly what you want it to be, it is imperative that you work with a reputable company, one with incredible products.

As an example, if you want to create a nice patio area for residents and their family members, you can with a product called SunStone. This architectural limestone coating has a natural aesthetic that will make residents feel as if they are home. For added safety, additives can be used in the decorative concrete used in your Southern Mississippi nursing home to make floors non-slip.

Can an Epoxy Garage Floor System Be Used on Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces?

Epoxy Garage Floor System

Epoxy Garage Floor System

Epoxy floor systems have long been used to coat cement garage floors with a surface that can repel both water and harsh chemicals, like oil, gasoline, and solvents. However, did you know that, for many designers in New Orleans, epoxy flooring systems are growing as the solution of choice for many spaces besides just the garage?

Almost any surface, including patios, decks, driveways, hallways, and pools, can be coated using an epoxy garage floor system. Both indoors and out, epoxy flooring systems like those commonly used for garage floors can provide an excellent surface material. If you have concrete floors, driveways, or pool decks, epoxy might be the ideal flooring for revitalizing and protecting your old, worn-out surfaces.

Epoxy is famous for its strength and durability, and it holds up in areas that receive heavy foot traffic. Almost any epoxy can be made into a nonstick surface to provide added safety in wet areas. Another advantage is that epoxy protects underlying surfaces from the effects of intense UV rays. There is a reason epoxy flooring, such as SunEpoxy, is used in many warehouse and industrial facilities in New Orleans.

Not only is epoxy a durable surface for many applications, it also offers great potential for custom designs. In addition to the typical earth-tone base with colored flakes found on many garage floors, epoxies can come in a wide range of colors to match your needs. Color can be added to epoxy floor systems to produce unique designs, and epoxy can even be made to look like stone or brick. A variety of colors is available, and the experts at Sundek of New Orleans can help you select the appropriate epoxy garage floor system for your needs.

Key Benefits of Decorative Coatings in Baton Rouge Day Spas

Decorative Coatings in Day Spa

Decorative Coatings in Day Spa

Day spa patrons in Baton Rouge decide to spend their time at the spa primarily to experience a relaxing environment away from their stressful lives. Therefore, providing your spa guests with a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere that feels healthful can leave a lasting impression on them. Since people often desire to repeat positive experiences, creating a memorable spa experience is essential. Although someone might visit your spa once, if he or she doesn’t create positive memories of the place, they will likely never return.

To create those memories, the atmosphere is as essential as the service. Whether spa patrons get a massage, a manicure, or the full works, the atmosphere creates much of their mood. One way to provide any interior space with a positive aesthetic is by using decorative concrete that can be dyed and stamped to look like almost any material, including brick, wood, and metal. Many spas in the Baton Rouge area now feature decorative concrete coatings made of cement or acrylic. Decorative coatings, such as the SunColor acrylic finish, can be used on new or existing concrete to give your day spa a fresh new look.

Over the past several decades, techniques for pouring concrete have allowed the material to transform from a drab, gray, industrial material into a beautiful design component. The key advantage to using decorative coatings as a surface material in a spa environment is their design flexibility. Design options are nearly endless, and advances in concrete technologies allow experts to use tools and techniques capable of creating nearly any color or texture you might desire. In a spa setting, where guest comfort is especially important, decorative coatings have an advantage over other materials because they maintain a steady inner temperature, which can make for comfortable surfaces to sit and stand on.

Other advantages include long-lived durability. Decorative concrete coatings are stronger and deteriorate at a slower rate than many other materials, and they are resistant to water and other chemicals when treated with the correct sealant, such as SunClear. Plus, they are also low maintenance. Decorative coatings are easy to clean up with soap and water, and they do not require regular coating or polishing, like flooring with waxed surfaces do. When properly sealed, decorative concrete coatings can even withstand wet and humid environments, like those in a sauna in your Baton Rouge day spa.