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Using a Natural Stone Decorative Concrete Surface in an Aviary

Decorative Concrete Surface

Decorative Concrete Surface

Whether you have a home or commercial aviary, you need a durable and easy-to-clean flooring solution. At the same time, you want something that will enhance the beauty of the birds and greenery. Decorative concrete that looks like natural stone will accomplish both goals.

In addition to being beautiful and easy to maintain, decorative concrete is 100 percent safe for your birds. Especially if you have parrots, it is imperative to choose the right flooring system. For one thing, these birds are highly susceptible to becoming sick when exposed to a variety of odors. Also, they tend to use their beaks to explore, which would cause significant damage to an ordinary flooring system.

For your aviary, one product stands out. SunStamp, which is a decorative concrete overlay, is a remarkable choice. With this product, a professional installer can create a textured design that looks like real stone. You can even choose the type as well as the size of the “stones.” For instance, the installer can make the aviary floors look like river rock or cobblestone. Once sealed, the aviary floor will last a long time.

Sealed stamped concrete is also resistant to abrasions, stains, and moisture. Because of that, you never have to worry about droppings causing unsightly stains on the floor, and for cleaning the aviary, all you need is a drainage system for the water. With that in place, you can use a standard garden hose to wash away dirt and debris without fear of damage.

SunStone is another excellent choice that gives the appearance of quarried limestone. As a decorative concrete overlay, there is no need to have the existing floor in your aviary ripped out before installation. Instead, an expert will apply the product to the surface, creating a gorgeous look that you and your birds will love.

With both decorative concrete products, you can select from a broad range of colors that enhance the color of the birds you keep.

Defining Space in Your New Orleans Dress Shop Using Stamped Concrete

Patterns with Stamped Concrete

Patterns with Stamped Concrete

To achieve success as the owner of a New Orleans dress shop, you need to offer your customers four things: superior service, excellent merchandise, affordable prices, and an enticing environment. While you might not think the latter factor makes that much of a difference, it does. In fact, the design of the floors inside of your store can have a significant impact on sales.

A stamped concrete product like SunStamp will transform the interior of your store. Not only will this decorative flooring solution make the space more interesting, it will also subliminally direct customers to different areas or displays. For this, you have several options. One involves defining spaces using color, textures, or patterns or perhaps a combination of two or three.

As an example, for an area of your store dedicated to new arrivals, a professional installer can create large circles that look like wood or brick in your preferred color that encircle the racks. If you sell high-end merchandise in your store, you could have just the perimeter of the circles contrast with the rest of the floor. When people walk in, their eyes will automatically gravitate to those racks.

However, if your New Orleans dress shop caters to teenagers and young adult women, you might want to go with a bolder design. In that case, the installer can use the same brick or wood texture and pattern in your preferred color. However, instead of going around the perimeter, the installer could use stamped concrete to fill in the circles.

Because stamped concrete is so versatile, you can achieve any look that you want in your dress shop. Along with brick and wood, the expert can replicate the appearance of other materials, including river rock, flagstone, slate, and cobblestone. You can also choose a customized design using your original idea or a version of something you found online.

Benefits of Flooring with Slip Resistant Finish for Assisted Living Facilities

Slip resistant finish

Slip resistant finish

While people in a nursing home require 24-hour care, those in an assisted living facility lead a relatively independent lifestyle. Even then, there is potential for someone to sustain an injury due to slips and falls. To provide residents with optimal protection, an increasing number of assisted living facilities in Baton Rouge are installing floors with slip-resistant characteristics.

Using a product like SunDye, a professional installer can transform virtually any interior floor. Available in both acetone and water-soluble liquids, this dye looks beautiful on its own. But for a more dramatic effect, you can use it in conjunction with SunAcid, another spectacular product. However, for enhanced safety in an assisted living facility, the installer can add slip resistant agents.

The following are a few examples of the benefits offered by the right flooring solution.

  • Reduces the Risk of Slips and Falls – Not only are accidental slips and falls the second most common cause of injury as well as death in the United States, but they are an unusually high risk for the elderly, including those living in assisted living facilities. By installing floors with a slip resistant surface, accidents decline dramatically.
  • Helps Support Staff – Because people in Baton Rouge facilities live more independently, they do not require as much support from staff as elderly residents in a nursing home do. By reducing the risk of injury, employees can focus more on their designated tasks, which keeps the facility running smoothly and efficiently.

Liability – As you can expect, if someone has a family member in a Baton Rouge assisted living facility who takes a bad fall and sustains an injury, there is a good chance of facing a lawsuit. That means the owner would face serious liability issues. In addition to the financial impact, with a significant number of falls or slips, the state could shut the place down. Ultimately, floors with a slip resistant surface help protect the company

Ideal Surfaces for Using Concrete Stain in Slidell Homes

Interior flooring concrete stain

Interior flooring concrete stain

Although some contractors claim that reactive concrete stain works fine on vertical surfaces, to prevent any streaking, top experts recommend sticking with horizontal applications. However, when you consider the vast number of flat surfaces inside and outside, there are incredible possibilities for transforming different spaces.

Whether you select an acid-based stain like SunStain or a water-based product like SunH20, you will love the results. With either one, you can change the color of a concrete surface in any room of the home, different areas of your business, or even an industrial environment.

Beyond interior floors, concrete stain is the perfect choice for giving new life to outside spaces, including patios, driveways, courtyards, front porches, walkways, pool decks, and more. With a myriad of color options, you can achieve any look you want. However, with aggregates or special additives blended into the formula, the surface becomes slip-resistant, which reduces the risk of someone slipping or falling.

A reactive concrete stain like SunStain creates an entirely different look than H2O, which is a non-reactive stain. For that reason, you need to start by determining what you want the surface to look like, whether you want it marbled or more uniform. Although the outcome is unique, both products will meet if not exceed your expectations.

For the best outcome, Sundek, which manufactures both the products mentioned, recommends having the concrete stain applied by a trained installer. That way, you have the assurance that the color will look incredible and last a long time.

With high product performance, your new flooring or exterior surface will look stunning and add value to your property. While a water-based stain merely changes the color of the concrete at the surface, an acid-based stain penetrates where it reacts to salts and chemicals, thereby creating a one-of-a-kind variegated effect. However, that does not diminish the results achieved with a water-based stain.

Are Epoxy Coatings a Good Choice for Vertical Applications in Prairieville Homes?

When it comes to epoxy coatings, most people automatically think of garage floors. Although that is a favorite application, products like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100 work great on any horizontal surface. However, epoxy is also an ideal choice for vertical surfaces, including walls, stair fronts, and fireplace surrounds.

With a correctly prepared surface, this coating bonds well and last for years. If preferred, you can have epoxy applied along with other types of decorative concrete coatings, giving your Prairieville home a unique aesthetic.

Depending on the type and size of the vertical surface that you want to have covered in your Prairieville home, the installer will choose the appropriate product and application technique. In many instances, the expert will apply epoxy with a brush while building up layers until reaching the desired thickness. While some people try to do this kind of work themselves, it is essential to use the services of a professional to prevent brushstrokes and ensure perfect results.

The most important thing when working with epoxy coatings is the preparation of the surface. In this case, the installer will make any necessary repairs, clean the surface, and then allow it to thoroughly dry. With that complete, the product gets applied using the right tools and proper technique.

Just like applying epoxy coatings to horizontal surfaces, when used vertically, you end up with a finished project that looks amazing but also lasts a lifetime. Although this coating’s ability to resist things like abrasions, chemicals, and oil may not matter to you, you still get to enjoy all the other benefits. For instance, epoxy comes in a host of beautiful colors, making it possible for you to achieve any aesthetic you want.

You might also consider having an epoxy coating applied to a wall and then have the same or a coordinating color added to the floor. With so many possibilities, the most significant challenge will involve narrowing the choices down to what you want for your Prairieville home. Ultimately, the vertical surface will look stunning with a personalized look unlike any other.

If you know what look you want, perfect, but if not, you can work with an expert to come up with ideas that will enhance the appearance of your home. Because epoxy coatings are so versatile, you can create a space that is contemporary, rustic, farmhouse chic, or something entirely different.