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Using Different Concrete Overlays to Define Space Between a Kitchen and Dining Room

Concrete Overlays are perfect for condos

Concrete Overlays are perfect for condos

At one time, only loft apartments offered open floor plans. Today, most people prefer a home with rooms that flow from one to another. For smaller houses, this creates the illusion of having a lot of space, and the interior does not feel as confined. If you have an open home in Baton Rouge but want to define separate rooms without using walls, concrete overlays are perfect.

As an example, if you have a kitchen and dining room that serve as one functional space, you can define the two rooms. With Sundek concrete overlays like SunStamp, Tuscan, Classic Texture, and others, you can accomplish your goal and have the perfect space to entertain guests.

Since there are so many available options, concrete overlays are an exciting solution. With SunStamp, a professional installer can use a stamping mat that makes your dining room floor look exactly like hardwood. To give that room a little formality, you might opt for a wide plank design. Then, for the kitchen, you can select the same “wood” but in thinner planks. A narrow line consisting of two-inch vertical strips between the two would look stunning as a separator.

Another way to define space between the kitchen and dining room in your Baton Rouge home is to select concrete overlays in coordinating colors. For this, SunSplash is an excellent product. A dark blue enhanced with a thick gray border going around the perimeter would make your dining room pop. As for the kitchen, you can reverse the colors, using the gray for the central area of the floor along with a thick border in dark blue.

Regardless of the color or design you select, not only will concrete overlays define the space between your kitchen and dining room, but they will also enhance the beauty of the two areas. In fact, with aggregates added or the right texture, the installer can make the floor in your kitchen slip-resistant.

Enhancing Curb Appeal with Front Porch Concrete Resurfacing in Baton Rouge

Concrete Resurfacing in Baton Rouge

Concrete Resurfacing in Baton Rouge

When someone looks at a house, their eyes gravitate to the front door. If the concrete porch needs repair or the color is fading, the curb appeal immediately diminishes. Whether you enjoy spending time sitting on your porch or want to enhance your home’s appeal from the street, you can do so with concrete resurfacing.

The size of the porch does not matter. Sundek’s overlays, including SunStamp, SunStone, Tuscan, Classic Texture, and others, will transform its appearance. Any one of these products will give a small or wraparound porch new life, which in turn, improves the look and value of the entire home.

The most significant benefit of concrete resurfacing is that instead of having your current front porch torn out and reinstalled, a professional installer applies the overlay on top of the existing surface. As a result, there is no mess or delay in the process of enhancing curb appeal. You never have to wait for someone to haul away piles of broken up concrete, and an expert will have most jobs finished in just one to two days.

Another advantage of concrete resurfacing is that you can change the appearance of your front porch. For example, you can opt to have masonry effects, aggregates, or custom score line cuts added. You also have an abundance of color choices. Resurfacing your front porch makes it more beautiful while camouflaging imperfections. The right product will change the look of your porch even if it already has a design or color.

If you want a front porch that looks like genuine wood, brick, stone, slate, or some other material, the installer can use the SunStamp overlay. Along with standard stamp mats, you can have one customized to create a one-of-a-kind design that will make a profound statement even from the street. With so many possibilities, concrete resurfacing is the perfect way to change the way your front porch looks and functions.

Using a Natural Stone Decorative Concrete Surface in an Aviary

Decorative Concrete Surface

Decorative Concrete Surface

Whether you have a home or commercial aviary, you need a durable and easy-to-clean flooring solution. At the same time, you want something that will enhance the beauty of the birds and greenery. Decorative concrete that looks like natural stone will accomplish both goals.

In addition to being beautiful and easy to maintain, decorative concrete is 100 percent safe for your birds. Especially if you have parrots, it is imperative to choose the right flooring system. For one thing, these birds are highly susceptible to becoming sick when exposed to a variety of odors. Also, they tend to use their beaks to explore, which would cause significant damage to an ordinary flooring system.

For your aviary, one product stands out. SunStamp, which is a decorative concrete overlay, is a remarkable choice. With this product, a professional installer can create a textured design that looks like real stone. You can even choose the type as well as the size of the “stones.” For instance, the installer can make the aviary floors look like river rock or cobblestone. Once sealed, the aviary floor will last a long time.

Sealed stamped concrete is also resistant to abrasions, stains, and moisture. Because of that, you never have to worry about droppings causing unsightly stains on the floor, and for cleaning the aviary, all you need is a drainage system for the water. With that in place, you can use a standard garden hose to wash away dirt and debris without fear of damage.

SunStone is another excellent choice that gives the appearance of quarried limestone. As a decorative concrete overlay, there is no need to have the existing floor in your aviary ripped out before installation. Instead, an expert will apply the product to the surface, creating a gorgeous look that you and your birds will love.

With both decorative concrete products, you can select from a broad range of colors that enhance the color of the birds you keep.

Defining Space in Your New Orleans Dress Shop Using Stamped Concrete

Patterns with Stamped Concrete

Patterns with Stamped Concrete

To achieve success as the owner of a New Orleans dress shop, you need to offer your customers four things: superior service, excellent merchandise, affordable prices, and an enticing environment. While you might not think the latter factor makes that much of a difference, it does. In fact, the design of the floors inside of your store can have a significant impact on sales.

A stamped concrete product like SunStamp will transform the interior of your store. Not only will this decorative flooring solution make the space more interesting, it will also subliminally direct customers to different areas or displays. For this, you have several options. One involves defining spaces using color, textures, or patterns or perhaps a combination of two or three.

As an example, for an area of your store dedicated to new arrivals, a professional installer can create large circles that look like wood or brick in your preferred color that encircle the racks. If you sell high-end merchandise in your store, you could have just the perimeter of the circles contrast with the rest of the floor. When people walk in, their eyes will automatically gravitate to those racks.

However, if your New Orleans dress shop caters to teenagers and young adult women, you might want to go with a bolder design. In that case, the installer can use the same brick or wood texture and pattern in your preferred color. However, instead of going around the perimeter, the installer could use stamped concrete to fill in the circles.

Because stamped concrete is so versatile, you can achieve any look that you want in your dress shop. Along with brick and wood, the expert can replicate the appearance of other materials, including river rock, flagstone, slate, and cobblestone. You can also choose a customized design using your original idea or a version of something you found online.

Benefits of Flooring with Slip Resistant Finish for Assisted Living Facilities

Slip resistant finish

Slip resistant finish

While people in a nursing home require 24-hour care, those in an assisted living facility lead a relatively independent lifestyle. Even then, there is potential for someone to sustain an injury due to slips and falls. To provide residents with optimal protection, an increasing number of assisted living facilities in Baton Rouge are installing floors with slip-resistant characteristics.

Using a product like SunDye, a professional installer can transform virtually any interior floor. Available in both acetone and water-soluble liquids, this dye looks beautiful on its own. But for a more dramatic effect, you can use it in conjunction with SunAcid, another spectacular product. However, for enhanced safety in an assisted living facility, the installer can add slip resistant agents.

The following are a few examples of the benefits offered by the right flooring solution.

  • Reduces the Risk of Slips and Falls – Not only are accidental slips and falls the second most common cause of injury as well as death in the United States, but they are an unusually high risk for the elderly, including those living in assisted living facilities. By installing floors with a slip resistant surface, accidents decline dramatically.
  • Helps Support Staff – Because people in Baton Rouge facilities live more independently, they do not require as much support from staff as elderly residents in a nursing home do. By reducing the risk of injury, employees can focus more on their designated tasks, which keeps the facility running smoothly and efficiently.

Liability – As you can expect, if someone has a family member in a Baton Rouge assisted living facility who takes a bad fall and sustains an injury, there is a good chance of facing a lawsuit. That means the owner would face serious liability issues. In addition to the financial impact, with a significant number of falls or slips, the state could shut the place down. Ultimately, floors with a slip resistant surface help protect the company