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Adding a Game Room to Your Baton Rouge Home? Check Out Vertical Decorative Concrete Options

Vertical decorative concrete
Vertical decorative concrete

AAfter much debate, you decided to add a game room to your Baton Rouge home. Why not, considering you now have teenagers with friends who visit often and adults who also enjoy gaming. However, you don’t want just any ordinary room, leading you to the many possibilities using vertical decorative concrete.

Along with transforming the look and function of your floors, you want to do something unique to the fireplace surrounds, walls, and even the front part of the wet bar. Fortunately, you have several incredible options. As vertical decorative concrete becomes increasingly more popular, you’ll discover some solutions you might not have even considered.

For a fantastic game room in your Baton Rouge home, you might start by looking at all the benefits offered by a product like SunStone. This architectural limestone coating looks so much like genuine stone that no one will know the difference. Hand-troweled by an artisan, you can have almost any design created. For instance, you could have larger “stones” applied to the floor in front of the fireplace and then cover the surrounds with smaller cobblestones.

For this and other vertical decorative concrete solutions, you can select from a broad range of colors. If you prefer a more natural look, the artisan could mix in different hues of stones typically found in nature. Using your creativity, online inspiration, or suggestions by the installer, you’ll end up with a finished project that wows everyone who sees it. Stamping vertical decorative concrete is another excellent option. With this, a professional installer uses either standard templates or customized mats to produce a unique surface appearance. As an example, you could have the front of your wet bar stamped to look like your hardwood flooring system. Another possibility is to have one or more walls in your Baton Rouge game room stamped so they look exactly like brick

Choose Acid-stained Floors to Create a More Refined Atmosphere in Your Art Studio

Acid Stained Concrete Floors
Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Regardless of the type of work you display in your New Orleans art studio, whether you use the space to give students lessons or dedicate it solely to your craft, it’s important to create the appropriate atmosphere. After all, people who appreciate art typically have creative minds. Therefore, the last thing they expect is a studio with white or gray floors. Instead, consider acid-stained floors.

As an artistic space, you have carte blanc to do pretty much whatever you want. However, if your goal is to create a more refined atmosphere in your New Orleans art studio, then acid-stained floors are a perfect solution. With a reactive acid stain product like SunAcid, prepare for a transformation that will leave you and others speechless.

Although many things make acid-stained floors unique, one, in particular, stands out. This muriatic acid produces a translucent surface that looks like expensive marble. Especially if you select a warmer color, your New Orleans art studio will take on an entirely different character and personality. Another distinctive advantage is that once applied, the color becomes a permanent component of the concrete floors.

As a porous material, the acid stain applied to the concrete surface penetrates completely through. Even more exciting, every concrete slab consists of chemicals, which vary from piece to piece, meaning no two are alike. As the stain seeps into the concrete, it has a reaction. Ultimately, you end up with a unique flooring system that no one can ever duplicate.

The beautiful marbled effect combined with your choice of multiple rich colors makes acid-stained floors ideal. With this, you have the opportunity to turn an ordinary New Orleans art studio into a masterpiece. That one change alone is enough to enhance every painting or sculpture on display or inspire you and your students to unleash creativity to its fullest, all thanks to the richness of the floor.

Common Problems That Concrete Repair in Slidell Involves

Pool deck with concrete repair done

Pool deck with concrete repair done

Although indoor concrete can get damaged, it is especially common for outdoor features, including patios, pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, and so on. Fortunately, by hiring a Slidell concrete restoration professional, the concrete can be repaired and will look great.

The most common problem that develops is cracking. Often, cracks are nothing more than a cosmetic nuisance. However, in extreme cases, they can be caused by structural damage. Having a professional evaluate the cracks will help determine the best course of action.

Concrete repair in Slidell is performed for spalling, also called scaling. Again, this is usually cosmetic, but it can be structural. Spalling/scaling is identified as concrete that becomes rough and flaky. While there are different causes, freeze/thaw cycles are the most common. Concrete is porous, so when water penetrates and freezes, small flakes break off. Using any type of deicing product will only worsen the problem.

To preserve the surface, concrete repair in Slidell for spalling/scaling should be done as quickly as possible. By waiting too long, the problem will worsen. In more severe cases, large chunks of concrete will break off, requiring a more extensive repair. Over time, the entire concrete surface will deteriorate.

Dusting is another potential problem with concrete. With this, you will see a fine layer of dust on the surface. Usually, areas with heavy traffic are at greatest risk. As for the exact cause, there are numerous possibilities, including an inadequate amount of cement on the surface, excessive water in the cement mixture, and no curing. Dusting affects both residential and commercial spaces in Slidell.

When dusting occurs on the concrete outside of the home, there is little risk, but that changes for indoor environments. Indoors, this fine dust gets stirred up by people, vehicles, equipment, and so on. As the dust becomes airborne, it is inhaled. This can lead to irritation of the lungs. For people with asthma and other respiratory health issues, things can turn bad quickly.

Concrete repair in Slidell is also required for corroding reinforced steel. Because concrete has a high level of alkaline, it prevents rust. When inside of concrete, rebar is protected. However, if you use deicing products, the chloride ions destroy the protective layer of alkalinity around the steel rebar, causing it to rust.

Regardless of what the problem is, there are viable repairs. Most importantly, you want to hire a reputable company or contractor that can assess the problem, make the appropriate recommendation, and complete the repair.

Avoiding Common Problems When Installing a Color Flake Floor

A color flake floor can be an excellent option for Baton Rouge businesses and homes alike, offering both durability and an attractive finish. When it comes to installing a color flake floor, your best bet is to contact a professional, like Sundek of New Orleans. Professionals have the experience, expertise and access to quality commercial grade systems to ensure that your color flake floor is installed smoothly. When you get the help of a professional, you can avoid the following problems.

Garage Floor Coating

Color Flake Epoxy Coating Sundek Systems

Poor floor preparation. Believe it or not, poor floor preparation is the single biggest cause of a flake epoxy floor failure. Even the best flake epoxy produced will prove to be problematic when it is applied to a floor that hasn’t been properly prepared. Before the coating is applied, the concrete needs to be inspected to ensure a color flake floor is a feasible option. Remember, a color flake epoxy can’t be applied to sealed or painted concrete. Sealer or paint will need to be removed beforehand with a grinder or other mechanical means.

Failure to fill in cracks. Many color flake epoxies are self-leveling, but they will not fill in major cracks or pits. Therefore, it is critical to fill in cracks before application, as well as any pits.

Forgetting to conduct a moisture test. Before a color flake floor is applied, a moisture test needs to be conducted, especially if there are visible signs of moisture on the floor. The majority of commercial epoxy products can only withstand up to 4 pounds of moisture flow per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours. A Baton Rouge professional can discern whether your floor is too moist for an epoxy coating.

At Sundek of New Orleans, we offer the SunChip and SunFlek color flake systems in a wide range of shades. Contact us today for more information.