Choosing the Best Decorative Concrete for a Karate School

Decorative concrete epoxy color flake

Decorative concrete epoxy color flake

Karate helps train both the body and mind. As students move up in rank, they become physically stronger and mentally more in control. Not only does a Mandeville karate school build muscle and character, it also teaches students how to protect themselves. As this ancient form of martial arts becomes increasingly popular, so does the need to create a dojo that is interesting and inviting.

Some school owners worry that decorative concrete does not have enough give required for the physical demands of karate. However, there is one solution that works incredibly well. Epoxy is not only a beautiful flooring system but also one with cushion. Because of that, an owner can transform the aesthetics of the school while providing students with a comfortable surface for sparring and performing katas.

However, there are many additional benefits of using epoxy as a dojo floor. While SunEpoxy 54 is a product commonly used in residential garages and commercial mechanic shops, it is also great for karate schools in Mandeville. Along with stunning aesthetics and comfort, this product is low odor and low volatile organics, and the surface is seamless for the safety of the students.

This decorative concrete coating is also highly resistant to impacts and abrasions, perfect for a dojo. If preferred, karate school owners can have this decorative concrete coating installed outside of the dojo. Because it will not stain and it stands up to oil, grease, and other substances without experiencing damage, the entire school will look amazing. Also, with the slip-resistant surface, if something off the dojo floor spills, there is less risk of someone falling and sustaining an injury.

If you currently own a karate school in Mandeville or want to open one, epoxy is a decorative concrete coating that will surpass your expectations. A beautifully designed studio coupled with first-class instruction will take your martial arts business to a new level of success.