Creating the Perfect Baton Rouge Playroom with Epoxy Floors that Mimic a Basketball Court

Garage floor coatingJust imagine how much fun your kids and their friends would have in a playroom that has a floor that perfectly mimics a basketball court. The exciting news is that this is actually possible thanks to SunEpoxy 54 or SunEpoxy 100 epoxy floors. By choosing the right colors and design techniques, virtually any design element is possible, even a basketball court in your Baton Rouge home.

While fun anytime, the playroom would be the perfect way to keep bored kids busy on rainy or snowy days when getting outside is difficult. If the playroom is large enough, the epoxy floors could cover a full court as opposed to a half court. With that, your children could practice whenever they wanted. If they play for the school basketball team, this would give them a huge advantage.

Unlike painted floors where lines and team logos quickly fade or wear away, epoxy floors are designed to last. Not only are these floors incredibly durable, they have anti-fatigue benefits. That means that your kids, and perhaps adults, as well, could enjoy games of basketball for years without the floors experiencing wear and tear. It also means that the people involved in the games would have a floor that is comfortable and less fatiguing on their muscles.

Once the concrete surface is prepared, the basketball court lines would be taped off, as well as any other areas for logos. Then, either a gray or blondish colored epoxy would be applied. Once completely dry, the court lines and logos would be added.

For added protection, a top coat sealer should always be applied to epoxy floors. For the playroom in your Baton Rouge home, this will enhance functionality, aesthetics, and endurance, allowing the floors to last much longer.