Creating Unique Dance Floors at Baton Route Nightclubs with Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain

If you own more than one nightclub in Baton Rouge, you want to provide patrons with a unique experience at each one and an excellent way to accomplish that is with concrete stain. You can still maintain a cohesive look between the different locations while giving each individualized personality and character. Especially with a product like SunAcid, the results are incredible.

Although there is nothing wrong in choosing a water-based concrete stain, for your purpose, an acid-based stain is also an option. The difference is that acid stain etches and penetrates the concrete and the color becomes permanent. That means that people can dance the night away with little concern of it wearing to quickly.

Once it penetrates the surface of the concrete dance floor, it reacts to the available lime in the concrete. Because every concrete surface has a different level of these compounds, the reaction is unique. Once the acid concrete stain reacts, it produces a variegated look similar to a marble floor. You can choose one color for all your Baton Rouge nightclubs yet get individualized results.

For added protection, the professional installer can apply a high-quality clear sealer that further prevents fading, discoloration, or worn spots. Ultimately, your nightclubs will become favorite hot spots in Baton Rouge.

With such a broad range of colors, you can achieve virtually any aesthetic you want. For instance, if one of your nightclubs attracts a younger crowd, you might consider Buckskin, which produces a dark and lighter orange marbled effect. Then for a nightclub where an older group likes to go, Cola and Vintage Umber are great matches.

With competition among nightclubs in Baton Rouge fierce, you need to think outside of the box, giving your customers something unique and memorable. Concrete stain on dance floors does just that.