Customize Epoxy Floors for a Health Spa in Baton Rouge

Epoxy Floors in a Health Spa

Epoxy Floors in a Health Spa

With an increasing number of people focusing on better health and toned bodies, you decided to open a new health spa in Baton Rouge. Now comes the fun part of designing the interior and exterior. Instead of doing what every other spa owner does, you want to offer your clientele something unique. Epoxy floors are an excellent solution that you can use inside and outside.

On the interior of your health spa, epoxy floors are ideal for common and workout areas. Because this coating is highly resistant to abrasions, impacts, and daily wear and tear, you can have it installed on the floor where you locate the workout equipment. Even if someone drops dumbbells or moves a piece of equipment, the floor will hold up incredibly well.

For common areas, you will enjoy the same durability in addition to beautifully designed epoxy floors. You can select from a host of beautiful colors, textures, and patterns. In fact, you can have aggregates, quartz beads, metallic chips, and other things added to give the space personality and character. A product like SunMetal FX is perfect.

If you plan to have a daycare area where parents can drop their children off while exercising, epoxy floors are impossible to beat. Not only can they withstand children’s activities, but with so many vibrant colors, you can mix and match to create a fun and one-of-a-kind space where the little ones look forward to visiting.

As far as the outside of your Baton Rouge health spa, epoxy works just as well. As an example, you can have this coating applied to the concrete walkway leading up to the door of the spa. With its slip-resistant and comfortable surface and its array of design effects and colors, your guest will feel welcomed every time they come to your spa to work out, swim, relax, or participate in a fitness class.