Defining Space in Your New Orleans Dress Shop Using Stamped Concrete

Patterns with Stamped Concrete

Patterns with Stamped Concrete

To achieve success as the owner of a New Orleans dress shop, you need to offer your customers four things: superior service, excellent merchandise, affordable prices, and an enticing environment. While you might not think the latter factor makes that much of a difference, it does. In fact, the design of the floors inside of your store can have a significant impact on sales.

A stamped concrete product like SunStamp will transform the interior of your store. Not only will this decorative flooring solution make the space more interesting, it will also subliminally direct customers to different areas or displays. For this, you have several options. One involves defining spaces using color, textures, or patterns or perhaps a combination of two or three.

As an example, for an area of your store dedicated to new arrivals, a professional installer can create large circles that look like wood or brick in your preferred color that encircle the racks. If you sell high-end merchandise in your store, you could have just the perimeter of the circles contrast with the rest of the floor. When people walk in, their eyes will automatically gravitate to those racks.

However, if your New Orleans dress shop caters to teenagers and young adult women, you might want to go with a bolder design. In that case, the installer can use the same brick or wood texture and pattern in your preferred color. However, instead of going around the perimeter, the installer could use stamped concrete to fill in the circles.

Because stamped concrete is so versatile, you can achieve any look that you want in your dress shop. Along with brick and wood, the expert can replicate the appearance of other materials, including river rock, flagstone, slate, and cobblestone. You can also choose a customized design using your original idea or a version of something you found online.