Do’s and Don’ts for Stained Concrete in New Orleans

Stained Concrete Patio

Stained Concrete Patio

Stained concrete in New Orleans is a hot trend that allows you to express your personality and enhance the aesthetics and value of your home. Without question, stained concrete is in a league of its own.

Stained Concrete Do’s

Concrete staining is not the right solution for every person or situation. Therefore, you need to have a professional contractor look at your project to determine if this is, in fact, the best option.

For stunning results with stained concrete in New Orleans, you want to hire an expert with specialized knowledge and skill who relies on quality products, such as those offered by Sundek:

  • SunAcid – Reactive acid stain that mirrors nature’s own beautiful colors.
  • SunH20 – Water-based stain that can be combined and layered for a customized finish.
  • SunDye – Liquid concrete dye that is easier to apply, dries faster, and comes in vibrant color options.

To transform an old or existing floor using stained concrete, your New Orleans contractor must grind down the slab deep enough to remove the curing compounds.

For enhanced durability, a quality sealer is imperative. Unfortunately, low solid sealers and cures/seals do not provide enough protection for acid-stained concrete, so multiple coats of urethane are recommended.

Stained Concrete Don’ts

Concrete staining is not a good do-it-yourself project. To correct a mistake, you cannot simply add more acid. Because free lime in the top surface is eliminated, the floor has to be ground down to expose fresh concrete. Curing and sealing are other “don’ts.” Typically, wet concrete is cured, but compounds for both curing and sealing do not work well with acid stains.


The bottom line is that for decorative  concrete that exceeds your expectations, you should hire a professional contractor from Sundek of New Orleans.