Are Epoxy Coatings a Good Choice for Vertical Applications in Prairieville Homes?

When it comes to epoxy coatings, most people automatically think of garage floors. Although that is a favorite application, products like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100 work great on any horizontal surface. However, epoxy is also an ideal choice for vertical surfaces, including walls, stair fronts, and fireplace surrounds.

With a correctly prepared surface, this coating bonds well and last for years. If preferred, you can have epoxy applied along with other types of decorative concrete coatings, giving your Prairieville home a unique aesthetic.

Depending on the type and size of the vertical surface that you want to have covered in your Prairieville home, the installer will choose the appropriate product and application technique. In many instances, the expert will apply epoxy with a brush while building up layers until reaching the desired thickness. While some people try to do this kind of work themselves, it is essential to use the services of a professional to prevent brushstrokes and ensure perfect results.

The most important thing when working with epoxy coatings is the preparation of the surface. In this case, the installer will make any necessary repairs, clean the surface, and then allow it to thoroughly dry. With that complete, the product gets applied using the right tools and proper technique.

Just like applying epoxy coatings to horizontal surfaces, when used vertically, you end up with a finished project that looks amazing but also lasts a lifetime. Although this coating’s ability to resist things like abrasions, chemicals, and oil may not matter to you, you still get to enjoy all the other benefits. For instance, epoxy comes in a host of beautiful colors, making it possible for you to achieve any aesthetic you want.

You might also consider having an epoxy coating applied to a wall and then have the same or a coordinating color added to the floor. With so many possibilities, the most significant challenge will involve narrowing the choices down to what you want for your Prairieville home. Ultimately, the vertical surface will look stunning with a personalized look unlike any other.

If you know what look you want, perfect, but if not, you can work with an expert to come up with ideas that will enhance the appearance of your home. Because epoxy coatings are so versatile, you can create a space that is contemporary, rustic, farmhouse chic, or something entirely different.