Essential Tips for Achieving Successful Stained Concrete in New Orleans

Stained concrete in New Orleans is quickly becoming a popular option for transforming the look of existing concrete surfaces. Since there can be a significant degree of variation among different types of concrete as well as the condition of an existing concrete surface, it is important to keep a few tips in mind in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Sundek Stained Concrete New Orleans

Sundek Stained Concrete New Orleans

The first step is to ensure the existing concrete surface is completely clean when planning to install stained concrete. Concrete stain can actually highlight any variations or imperfections that might be present in a concrete surface.

Keep in mind that color charts should only be used as a guide. Concrete stains tend to respond differently to different surfaces. For this reason, it is important to use charts as only a guideline. The best approach is to conduct a small sample on the actual concrete surface to be stained to be sure of the result you will receive.

Among the most challenging aspects of staining concrete is understanding the correct amount of stain to use. The reason this can be so difficult is that much depends on the surface. This makes it vital to study the specific application method to be used for the relevant stain prior to beginning a project.

After the stain is applied to the concrete surface, any residue should be removed. Additionally, the surface should be neutralized. This process assists in sealing the surface and ensures the finish coats adhere correctly.

Finally, a sealant coating should be applied to the concrete stain. This step should never be skipped, as it is vital to prevent the stain from collecting dust or lint while also limiting flaking of the surface.  Applying a sealant also brings out the color of the stain and makes the dimensions of the colors pop on the surface of the floor giving it a completed look.

Sundek offers a variety of concrete stain products, such as SunAcid reactive acid stains. For more information, contact Sundek of New Orleans today.