How to Create Commercial Shower Floors with Slip Resistance in Baton Rouge

Slip Resistance in Locker Room

Slip Resistance in Locker Room

If you and other members of your family prefer showers to baths, you want to create the ultimate experience. Although beautiful tiles, a multi-function shower head, and built-in seating are all incredible amenities, the most important thing is a floor with slip resistance qualities. After all, a shower should be relaxing, not a potential risk of injury.

Especially if you have rambunctious kids, elderly people, or someone with a disability living in the home, shower floors with slip resistance for your Baton Rouge home are critical. Instead of a major investment, you can completely change the appearance and functionality of your showers with decorative concrete. In fact, you have several viable options, each worth consideration.

Epoxy is perhaps one of the best options. Although this coating has slip resistance qualities as it is, when you have new shower floors installed by a professional contractor or installer, that individual can enhance the surface to make it more slip resistant by using different textures or adding aggregates. For the latter, select from quartz beads, cobblestones, colored glass, or a host of other things to create a beautiful shower.

Another reason for choosing epoxy as the new shower floor surface is this material naturally resists moisture. While water seeps underneath the ceramic tile, causing it to loosen and mold to grow, you never have to worry with epoxy. This decorative concrete coating is also resistant to impact and abrasions, leaving your shower in pristine condition at all times.

Along with slip resistance qualities, there are incredible colors available with epoxy. When you select a high-performing product, you can choose from a broad range of colors to match the decor in your Baton Rouge home. Or even have the installer use several colors to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Providing your family with a relaxing and safe shower, you may have difficulty finding a time when you can enjoy it too.