How to Transform Entryways Using Decorative Coatings

Ashlar Stone driveway - Decorative Coatings

Ashlar Stone driveway – Decorative Coatings

As the owner of an interior design firm, you know everyone has distinct likes and dislikes. Because you work primarily with residential clients, your job is to come up with solutions that change the appearance of different rooms. For entryways, decorative coatings offer the versatility that people want.

The great thing about recommending decorative coatings to your clients is there is a solution regardless of the size or style of the home. In other words, you can create whatever look a client wants in the entryway, whether that person has a small waterfront cottage, a contemporary single-family home, or a multi-million-dollar Mediterranean mansion.

For starters, always have a professional installer or contractor perform the work. Also, that individual should use the best decorative coatings on the market, products like Tuscan or SunCanvas. That way, you’ll have the assurance the finished product will surpass your clients’ expectations. Once professionally sealed, the entryway floor will provide years of flawless service.

When going over the options for decorative coatings with your clients, point out the importance of selecting a color, texture, or pattern that enhances the beauty of the home. Although people should choose something that would appeal to buyers if the house ever goes on the market, they also want to use creativity. With an abundance of options, including custom score lines, masonry effects, and other design elements, anything is possible.

Wear and tear is an additional factor to consider when selecting decorative coatings. If you have a client with a large family, including kids and pets, or someone who entertains often, you want to suggest a flooring system capable of withstanding a lot of foot traffic. Even with few people coming and going, recommend a solution to your clients that is easy to clean and maintain.