Looking for a Way to Boost Business? Consider Stained Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete Floors in Coffee Shop

Stained Concrete Floors in Coffee Shop

As a business owner, you know how critical it is to provide your customers with an excellent product or service at a competitive price. You understand that the type of support your staff provides has a significant impact on whether an individual becomes a loyal buyer or chooses to go elsewhere. However, you may not realize your flooring system also affects your company’s success. If you want to boost your business, consider stained concrete floors.

While that might seem odd, think about your experience when you’re out shopping or visiting a professional firm. What you see the minute you walk in the door makes an impression, good or bad. If you enter a business only to find discolored, chipped, or even outdated floors, it automatically makes you question the caliber of the product or service offered.

In comparison, if you go to a business with stained concrete floors, their sheer beauty and shine make you feel more confident in what that company offers. The same goes for people who come to your establishment. Whether you own a restaurant, day spa, law firm, video arcade, or clothing store, the right flooring system serves as the foundation for everything else.

For stained concrete floors, you can select from two options, water- and acid-based formulas. Although both produce incredible results, each is unique. For example, if you go with a water-based product like SunH20, you have a much broader range of colors. On the other hand, an acid-based formula like SunAcid penetrates the surface. The acid then reacts to specific chemicals in the concrete, which produces a gorgeous marbled effect.

When it comes to stained concrete floors, start by considering the type of business you have and the customers you want to attract. If you own an arcade, you probably prefer bold, bright colors, making a water-based product the best choice. However, if you have a law firm, a more sophisticated flooring system created by an acid-based stain is what you need to bolster business.