Which Materials Are Best for Concrete Crack Repair

Depending on the problem, the best repair for cracked concrete might be nothing more than high-quality concrete material. However, to repair cracks for greater durability and bond strength, you want to consider specialty formulated repair materials and also other techniques used by the pros themselves.

Concrete Crack Repair New Orleans

Concrete Crack Repair

For example, Sundek dealers spent more than 40 years perfecting the Custom Scoreline Effects technique for controlling the natural expansion and contraction that occurs when concrete heats and cools.  Typically, materials used for camouflaging concrete cracks in New Orleans are polymer-modified concrete, which is basic Portland cement with an aggregate mixture and added polymer. When used with the right technique, this ensures an outstanding result.

For the best repair material for concrete crack repair in New Orleans, several key factors must be considered.

  • The extent of damage is determined prior to choosing the repair material. That way, the contractor knows if the crack can be patched or if bonding is required.
  • How fast does full strength need to be achieved?
  • Will a one-part material suffice or is a more difficult-to-use yet far superior two-part repair material better?
  • Extremely low shrinkage is a critical characteristic of material used for concrete crack repair in New Orleans. If the concrete matrix has already shrunk, any additional shrinkage of the repair material would cause an inadequate bond and the potential for repair failure.
  • Typically, bond strength is very important. Failure is defined by the repair material not bonding to the concrete matrix. Therefore, the preparation of the concrete surface is vital to success.
  • Even dimensional characteristics of the repair material are important since drying shrinkage will affect the repair’s bond. If the area being repaired will be under load, the elastic modulus should be similar to the repair material. In addition, the thermal coefficient, which is the rate at which material expands and contracts due to hot and cold temperatures, should be similar.
  • With cold winter temperatures in New Orleans, the repair material should be resistant to freezes and thaws.
  • Consider water vapor transmission, as well. When there is pressure from water vapor within the concrete matrix, the overall pressure can reach a point of causing a problem with bonding of the repair material.
  • Are flexible strength, compressive strength, and abrasion resistance important considerations?

After considering each factor, your Sundek of New Orleans contractor can choose the right material to repair your cracked concrete.