Nursing Home Flooring is Turning to Decorative Concrete to Create a Comfortable Environment

To most people, including nursing home staff, residents, and family members, this type of environment feels and looks sterile. In many nursing homes, and even assisted living facilities, the floors are gray, dull, and without personality or character. Instead of people living out their last days in a cold environment, why not incorporate decorative concrete in the Southern Mississippi nursing home that you own or operate?

Sundek Decorative Concrete

Relax on your new SUNDEK concrete system.

To start with, decorative concrete can be installed on multiple surfaces within a Southern Mississippi nursing home. In other words, floors, walls, countertops, fireplace surrounds, outside patios, walkways, and many other surfaces can be beautifully enhanced. Even if you were to transform just one surface, the entire environment would change for the better.

Because there are unlimited color options for decorative concrete, you can select one color or a combination of colors for your Southern Mississippi nursing home. With the right colors or color combinations, you can make certain areas feel warm and inviting. while other areas become vibrant and fun.

For instance, use warm colors like brown, amber, and certain shades of blue and green for the common areas, including the entryway, dining room, sitting area, and on-site chapel. Then for areas where residents exercise or play games, choose brighter colors, like yellow, orange, or light blue. With so many color options, you will have no problem creating a cohesive look between the different areas of your Southern Mississippi nursing home even when using decorative concrete in multiple colors.

Patterns and textures can accomplish the same goal. You can select one pattern or texture for the entire nursing home, or combine several. One reason why you should consider mixing and matching decorative concrete patterns and textures in your Southern Mississippi is that it creates interest. Instead of residents feeling bored and agitated, colored, patterned, and textured decorative concrete keeps them stimulated and, thereby, more connected.

To achieve whatever goal that you have in mind for your Southern Mississippi nursing home, you will never go wrong with decorative concrete. Of course, to make this type of environment exactly what you want it to be, it is imperative that you work with a reputable company, one with incredible products.

As an example, if you want to create a nice patio area for residents and their family members, you can with a product called SunStone. This architectural limestone coating has a natural aesthetic that will make residents feel as if they are home. For added safety, additives can be used in the decorative concrete used in your Southern Mississippi nursing home to make floors non-slip.