Outdoor concrete surfaces can really take a beating. From the cool harsh winters in the north to the powerful and damaging sun and heat in the south, along with the salty air and erosion, concrete and more importantly decorative concrete coatings need to last through the elements.

Concrete Coatings Inc. along with Sundek with over 40 years of experience understands the demanding requirements of a concrete coating, and delivers quality systems to our clients. Here are some ways and systems you can use around your property.

Pool decks:

Sundek Pool Deck

Sundek was the originator of the Classic Texture Knockdown acrylic finish overlay that dominates the swimming pool deck industry to this day. The reason for this is that the Classic Texture finish has all the properties you want around a pool deck. Slip resistance, ease of maintenance, cool deck finish, a variety of colors to choose from, while being very cost effective. Sundek understands that the Classic Finish is not for everyone. This is why they have developed a full range of concrete finishes that can meet almost any decor, style and budget. When it comes time to choose your perfect outdoor concrete finish contact us at Concrete Coatings Inc. and one our local experts will be quick to provide you ideas, pricing and options custom to your situation.

Patios & Outdoor Living:

Sundek Patio

Concrete patios are one of the most popular and enjoyable spaces around a home. Patios are also popular at restaurants for outdoor dining and bar areas. Patios should be stain resistant, provide slip resistance, and blend in with the surrounding decor.  A concrete patio finished with a Sundek system can take on almost any look and design. A Sundek Patio finish might include a hand crafted custom overlay like the Tuscan Finish, or perhaps you might want to kick it up a notch with a Sunstone finish… The limestone coating that looks and feels like real stone. One of the most unique and high end finishes involved stamping a pattern into the finish providing a concrete stone finish. Any desired look for your patio can be achieved with our products including brick, tile, flagstone, Italian slate, travertine and pavers.


Sundek Driveway

A driveway whether it be a residential, or a commercial drive is required to take a beating from both vehicular traffic and sometimes kids toys and games. A concrete driveway can be simply functional and grey but it is surprising how your property looks with a decorative colored and finished drive.

Driveways done with Sundek products might include a Stamped Concrete finish or perhaps you might choose the latest in Limestone Coatings for a more unique and european touch. A simple way to add color to a concrete driveway that is newly done or in great condition would be to use a stained concrete finish for a rustic mottled color and look. Either way a concrete driveway that is decorative and beautiful is a great first impression for both your residential or commercial property.


Walks & Entries:

The walk and entry whether it be a residential, or a commercial is the red carpet for your property…your welcome mat. SUNDEK decorative concrete coatings are the perfect way to enhance curb appeal while at the same time saving money from not having to tear out and repour concrete.

Walks & entries done with Sundek products might include a Stamped Concrete finish or perhaps you might choose the latest in Limestone Coatings for a more unique and custom carved look.


Vertical Applications:

The artisans at Concrete Coatings Inc. have been beautifying concrete for years.  Concrete Coatings Inc.uses advanced technology to transform vertical surfaces that stand before you into your own personal work of art. So when you call on us to revitalize that pool deck, patio, driveway, living room, lobby or garage floor…Take a good look around at interior and exterior vertical surfaces and soon enough your walls could be doing the talking.

SUNDEK concrete coatings are ideal for:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Planters
  • Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Utility Protection
  • Wainscoting

SUNDEK vertical applications transform existing concrete, brick, stucco, drywall & painted surfaces into art with no frames or limits! From, hand-carved stone to Chicago -style brick to Picasso like murals… the only limit is your imagination.

All SUNDEK systems go vertical if you let them…