Why Slip Resistance Is Essential for Southern Mississippi Cafeteria Flooring

Slip Resistance Floors

Slip Resistance Floors

If you do not remember everything that takes place in a cafeteria, all you have to do is visit a local school, and your memory will return very quickly. In addition to a lot of noise and students milling about, it is common to see spilled food and drink on the floor. Because spills create a risk of someone slipping and getting injured, some schools in Southern Mississippi are choosing flooring solutions with slip resistance.

Several decorative coatings produce slip-resistant surfaces. As an example, both SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100 reduce the risk of slipping and falling. However, these decorative coatings are also aesthetically pleasing and resistant to impacts, stains, abrasions, and a host of other things. With all of the design elements combined, epoxy is an excellent flooring solution for cafeterias in Southern Mississippi schools.

Stamped concrete is also an excellent possibility. In this case, a professional installer creates a surface that resembles different natural materials, including wood, river rock, cobblestone, brick, slate, and so on. Rather than contain additives that give the floor slip resistance, the texture used to create the design makes the surface nonslip.

There are other options, as well. For instance, with polished concrete, a professional installer can include additives or aggregates in the formula, which transforms the typically smooth and shiny surface into one that is slip resistant. The same goes for both water- and acid-stain products. While the floor still boasts the same characteristics as the type of decorative coating applied, the additives or aggregates give the cafeteria floor slip resistance.

Although cafeteria monitors do their best to keep kids under control, they are kids. That means that along with accidental spills, sometimes they roughhouse a little too much, leading to messes on the cafeteria floor. The great thing about epoxy and other decorative concrete coatings is that a school worker can quickly wipe up a spill to prevent an accident. As a bonus, when the floors are sealed, things like spilled red Jell-O or juice drink will not leave any unsightly stain behind.

The bottom line is that the right decorative concrete coating has slip-resistant qualities that prevent kids, faculty, and visiting family from sustaining an injury. It also protects the school from legal and financial liability. For creating a colorful and fun cafeteria floor with an enhanced safety feature, you can choose from several viable options.