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Large Scale Concrete Pool Deck Project, Against All Odds

Concrete Pool Deck New Orleans

Weather conditions in New Orleans, Louisiana makes any outdoor concrete services very challenging. With Louisiana’s high precipitation rate and New Orleans being the third rainiest city in the United States, resurfacing 14,348 square feet of pool deck, bar area and other exterior concrete surfaces in five days is almost next to impossible!

With the storm clouds gathering up, Will Burley of Concrete Coatings, a decorative concrete contractor in New Orleans, LA faced a tough decision of continuing the concrete work to meet the deadline.

Unfortunately, the rain came after they shot the concrete texture resulting to the loss of 8,000, 6,800 and 5,500 square feet of texture coat. This event caused Concrete Coatings’ crew has to work faster and harder than ever.

Read “Project Profile: Stone Creek Club & Spa Covington, La” to know how Concrete Coatings, Inc. pulled it off and how they won the second place recognition in the Overlay/Spray Textures, Over 1,500 Square Feet category from the ASCC’s Decorative Concrete Council in January this project.