The Most Popular Outdoor Concrete Colors in New Orleans

Classic pool deck color

Classic pool deck color

New Orleans is a city of love, culture, history, and color. Thanks to Sundek’s incredible products coupled with the skill of professional contractors, you can choose amazing outdoor concrete colors to enhance your exterior living space.

Whether you are designing a backyard kitchen/entertainment area; updating an old pool deck; or changing the aesthetics of a walkway, pathway, or patio, you have multiple color options for your concrete.

Stunning Color Options

Among the many wonderful outdoor concrete colors in New Orleans, five in particular stand out.

  • Gray – Although concrete is gray in its natural state, using different techniques takes things to an entirely new level. Gray is trendy, industrial, and ultra-modern, so if you prefer this look, your contractor can use color hardeners or integral pigments to develop the exact shade of gray you want.
  • Tan – This color is warm and inviting. Remember, your color choices on the product used. For instance, with the SunDye exterior product, you can choose between Malay Tan and Desert Tan. To create this earthy hue, stain, color hardener, or integral pigments are used.
  • Amber – The color amber is fun and welcoming with distinct Mediterranean flair. While amber concrete would be stunning for any home, it definitely enhances homes with clay roof tiles and those with a Spanish-style exterior. To create different hues, integral pigments, color hardeners, and stains can be used.
  • Brown – Brown is another great choice for outdoor concrete in New Orleans. In addition to looking rich and sophisticated, brown concrete does not show dirt and muddy footprints. For this color, color hardeners and stains, like Sundek’s SunH20, work best.
  • Red – For something vibrant and chic, you can never go wrong with red. Red outdoor concrete can be subdued or ramped up, depending on your personal preference.

A Multitude of Options

Sundek offers a wide range of colors that extend well beyond the five most popular choices. Using various products and techniques, your contractor can create virtually any aesthetic. For example, SunChip is a unique product in which vinyl acrylic paint chips are added. In addition to chips of different sizes, they come in 25 gorgeous colors.

Thanks to decorative concrete overlays, stains, and acrylic finishes, you have a wide variety of options to color the outdoor concrete at your New Orleans home. Contact Sundek of New Orleans today to discuss what products can create the aesthetic you are looking for.