Tips for Customizing Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain in Day Spa Floor

Concrete Stain in Day Spa Floor

Whether you want to use concrete stain for floors, countertops, a pool deck, patio, or some other application, why settle on a standard finished project when you customize. With a little creativity, ideas you gather online, and the assistance of a skilled installer, you can turn an ordinary stained surface into something spectacular.

Using color is the easiest and most versatile method for customizing concrete stain. Keep in mind that for an acid-based versus a water-based product, colors vary dramatically. For instance, if you want a more elegant and sophisticated surface, something with a marbled effect, consider an acid-based stain. Compared to a water-based product, the colors are more subdued.

On the other hand, you have a broader selection of color using a water-based stain. The colors are bolder and brighter than what you would see with an acid-based product. For that reason, a lot of people choose a water-based concrete stain for family rooms, play rooms, basements, and children’s bedrooms. For an eclectic design, whether indoors or outdoors, you might prefer the colors of a water-based product.

A professional installer or contractor can customize concrete stain using unique patterns, saw cuts, and stencils as well. An excellent option for a look unlike any other. For example, if you want a stained floor to appear as expensive tile, the expert can score diamond or square patterns. The outcome is so precise no one will know the difference.

You can also achieve dramatic effects on concrete stain by having stencils or custom templates used. In this case, the professional uses the appropriate tools to carefully trace pre-set designs. However, someone with years of experience can create free-form designs instead of tracing patterns.

You might even think about having aggregates added to enhance the appearance of the concrete surface. While cobblestones, quartz beads, and colored glass look amazing on floors and pool decks, you could create a one-of-a-kind design for your countertops using seashells or even fossils.