Using a Natural Stone Decorative Concrete Surface in an Aviary

Decorative Concrete Surface

Decorative Concrete Surface

Whether you have a home or commercial aviary, you need a durable and easy-to-clean flooring solution. At the same time, you want something that will enhance the beauty of the birds and greenery. Decorative concrete that looks like natural stone will accomplish both goals.

In addition to being beautiful and easy to maintain, decorative concrete is 100 percent safe for your birds. Especially if you have parrots, it is imperative to choose the right flooring system. For one thing, these birds are highly susceptible to becoming sick when exposed to a variety of odors. Also, they tend to use their beaks to explore, which would cause significant damage to an ordinary flooring system.

For your aviary, one product stands out. SunStamp, which is a decorative concrete overlay, is a remarkable choice. With this product, a professional installer can create a textured design that looks like real stone. You can even choose the type as well as the size of the “stones.” For instance, the installer can make the aviary floors look like river rock or cobblestone. Once sealed, the aviary floor will last a long time.

Sealed stamped concrete is also resistant to abrasions, stains, and moisture. Because of that, you never have to worry about droppings causing unsightly stains on the floor, and for cleaning the aviary, all you need is a drainage system for the water. With that in place, you can use a standard garden hose to wash away dirt and debris without fear of damage.

SunStone is another excellent choice that gives the appearance of quarried limestone. As a decorative concrete overlay, there is no need to have the existing floor in your aviary ripped out before installation. Instead, an expert will apply the product to the surface, creating a gorgeous look that you and your birds will love.

With both decorative concrete products, you can select from a broad range of colors that enhance the color of the birds you keep.