Why Choose a Concrete Floor for a New Orleans Home?

Stained Concrete Floor

Stained Concrete Floor

Whether you are building a new home in New Orleans or simply remodeling, you have a lot of decisions to make. While each one is important, choosing the right flooring ranks high on the list. Why? Not only does the floor serve as the foundation for everything, but it also receives the most use and abuse. Without question, a concrete floor provides more benefits compared to any other flooring system, making it a worthwhile choice.

Keep in mind that this is not an ordinary concrete floor but one that is beautifully designed using overlays, coatings, or finishes. For instance, after having new concrete poured as part of building a house, you have endless design possibilities. When remodeling or renovating, instead of ripping out the existing surface and reinstalling it, you can have it resurfaced. Once it is complete, your floor will look brand-new.

Primary Benefits

To better understand why you should select a concrete floor for your New Orleans home, consider some of the additional advantages it provides over other flooring systems.

  • Appearance – Regardless of the style of your house or the interior color scheme or theme, you can use decorative concrete to achieve any look you want. Along with beautiful colors, you have wonderful choices for both texture and patterns. As a result, you will have no problem selecting a customizable flooring system that meets your criteria.
  • Long Life – Concrete is one of the longest-lasting materials in the world, which is evident in the vast number of buildings still standing after 100 years or more. As a flooring system, concrete outlasts the time homeowners stay in a house.
  • Functionality – The issue with carpeting is that within 5 to 10 years, you need to replace it. While hardwood looks incredible, it scratches, ceramic tile breaks, and linoleum eventually discolors or curls. With a concrete floor, you have a system that is highly resistant to abrasions, impact, chemicals, oil, stains, water, and a host of other issues. For those reasons alone, a decorative concrete flooring solution is the ideal choice for any room in your New Orleans home.